Euro Match day 1

First of all I would really like to appreciate our NHS for working phenomenally through our hard times. Only because of you guys are we able to enjoy the euros tournament.

Last year in 2020 the euros Cup was scheduled to go down. English fans were very optimistic because they knew “football was coming home”, Portugal were looking forward to regain their power and to win the euros competition once again, twice in a row, and the French youngsters were keen on winning the euros and expand their legacy after having won the World Cup in 2018. But all these dreams and hope were burnt to ashes as the world was fighting its own battle against covid-19. Due to covid-19 all the games and tournaments were cancelled or postponed including euros 2020. After a year things are getting back to normal so the UEFA and the government finally gave a green light for euros.

Wales 1- 1 Switzerland

This match was just a boring draw where both these teams parked their buses and simply wasted a lot of chances.

Denmark 0-1 Finland

The match was going fine, both the teams were playing attacking football but at the 42′ min, the midfielder for the Danish football team and the star of the inter Milan team and our beloved “Christen Eriksen” 29, suddenly fell after suffering a heart attack due to which he fell unconscious. So the medical team immediately intervened to perform first aid and revive him, and then the Danish star was transferred to an ambulance via a stretcher and covered to prevent him from being seen by the public and the players of the 2 team left the field after that incident. The match was suspended for nearly 2 hours, then both the teams came on the pitch to complete their match.

Finland won the game 1-0.

Scotland 0-2 Czech Republic

The whole of England was supporting Czech Republic that day and I guess just because of their support Czech Republic was able to beat Scotland comfortably with a scoreline of 2-0.

Haha just kidding, all props to Czech republican players for playing beautiful football.

In the 52′ min. Schick scored a banger of a goal from the halfway line . This goal will most definitely be nominated for the Puskas award.

Belgium 3-0 Russia

Belgium cruised to an easy victory against Russia who were a clearly different from their 2018 version. Lukaku scored a brace and dedicated both his goals to Christian Eriksen.

England 1-0 Croatia

We really don’t know what Gareth Southgate was thinking when he played a right back in the position of a left back. What was the thought process behind this decision is still a mystery to many but somehow England managed to win the game with an amazing performance by the Leeds star Kalvin Phillips who assisted sterling to score the one and only goal.

Austria 3-1 North Macedonia

To be honest we really didn’t know how north Macedonia plays or what are their tactics. We had no expectations at all.

But I guess Austrian players knew how they played xD because they dominated the entire match and won with a comfortable scoreline of 3-1 and 63% of possession.

The match ended with an outrageous celebration performed by M. Arnautovic.

Netherlands 3-2 Ukraine

It was a pretty head to head match. Both the teams were at par but the exciting part of the match started at the 75′ min, when Ukraine scored 2 goals in 4 minutes to make the score 2-2. And just after 6 mins D. Dumfries scored the winner which helped Netherlands to win their opening match.

Netherland’s defence without van dijk was a bit shaky but somehow they managed to get the W.

Poland 1-2 Slovakia

Lewandowski literally disappeared for the entire match. He just couldn’t be seen anywhere on the pitch. But we can cut him some slack because we all know  lewandoski is a complete number 9. Untill and unless someone provides him with something, be it a pass, through ball or even a cross. He simply can’t produce a goal out of thin air.

Polish midfielders and fullbacks should have done more.

Spain 0-0 Sweden

“You keep the ball, I’ll keep the points”

A baffling game of football where a team kept 80% of the ball, took 14 shots on goal, had 6 corners, missed 4 open chances and went on to score zero goals.

A player who scored 23 goals in the season and went on to win a major European trophy was on bench so that a player who scored 11 goals and was battling for top 4 in one of the most one club dominant league could start.

Two teams gave thier all in this one, Sweden were quick and patient they waited for thier chance to come, an amazing performance by their sole runner Isak who couldn’t take it over the line and credit for this goes to Llorent and BERG.

Morata had a decent game but he did what he does, MISSING A SITTER. It’s understandable all Spanish strikers want to be like Liverpool’s Torres but unfortunately they end up becoming a chelsea one.

Beast performance by PEDRI amazing talent the way he scooped the balls was more satisfying than watching a scoop of ice cream.

Great substitution by both the managers but we felt that Isak had more left in his tank. Surprisingly that even with such a dominant performance this match was the first match after 1980 where La Roja had a goalless draw in an European tournament.

This Spanish side looked like Prime barcelona but unfortunately then ended up being the one which played against Celtic.

Hungary 0-3 Portugal

We all thought this will be an entertaining match and Portugal would dominate this fixture completely with the likes of Ronaldo, Bruno, Diaz, Pepe etc. But to be honest it was a pretty boring match till the 84′ min with lots of outrageous misses from the Portuguese side.

But on the 84′ min Guerreiro scored with a help of a deflection. The confidence of the Hungarian players was shattered completely.

Then Cristiano Ronaldo went on to score a brace to completely zip up this fixture.

France 1-0 Germany

This was one of the biggest clash of the 1st matchday. Both these teams have enormous talent at their disposal and these teams consists of a hell lot of goal scorers but the only goal that was scored in the entirety of 90 mins was an own goal( face palm).

There were a lot of expectations from this match but none of them came to existence. But we saw some amazing defensive performances form both these sides.

It was a pretty happening matchday. We hope the 2nd matchday is as amazing as the 1st matchday or even more.

We pray for the speedy recovery of Christen Eriksen.

– Thomas K Sabu

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