Is mankading fair in cricket?

Mankading is a particular type of runout where a bowler dismisses a non-striker by hitting the bails before bowling when the player is outside the crease. It is legally permissible dismissal and considered against the spirit of the game. It is named after legendary bowler Vinoo Mankad. This mankading incident that took place against Australia ran out Bill Brown in the second Test.

Five incidents on Mankaded?

In the year 2019, During the match against KingsXI Punjab and Delhi Capital match R Ashwin mankading Jos Buttler. The cricket world is supporting Ashwin, while some were talking about the spirit of the game. There was a series of tweets between Shane Warne and Harsha Bhogle for exchanging words against each other and Warne slammed R Ashwin.

In 2014 the ODI series between Sri Lanka and England at Edgbaston Sachithra Senanayake mankaded Jos Buttler, there was a huge controversy of mankaded law.

Ian Redpath by Charlie Griffith, Australia vs West Indies, Adelaide, 1968–69, All was going fine 215 for 2 Charlie Griffith without warning mankaded Ian Redpath Australia collapsed with 339 for 9. There are many mankaded incidents are there in cricket. At Christchurch, England lead by 183 runs after Richard Hadlee warned the English batsman several times. In the end, Derek Randall was Mankad.

However, the modern mankading incident took place in an ODI series between South Africa and India in 1992. When Kapil Dev mankaded Peter Kirsten. While Kapil Dev has warned Kirsten a couple of times, but he was out of the crease.

Law of Mankaded?

The law 41.16 says when the bowler would normally be expected to release the ball. The bowler has to run him/her out. If it is not successful, the ball shall not count as one in an over.

The cricketing world has divided opinions over the method of dismissal, despite its being a part of the law. People also argue about the “Spirit of Cricket”. The preamble of MCC says the phenomenon referred to as the spirit of the game. A major responsibility for every player is fair play as well as playing hard. A single run means running into 22 yards and then ticking with the scoreboard.

Expert views:

In Don Bradman’s autobiography, he said for the life of me, the law of cricket says that the non-striker must keep on the ground when the ball is delivered. The bowler has the right to run him out. The stigma around the Mankad has to be broken down, either should the non-striker’s plan to leave his ground early nor the bowler’s plan to run him out be seen as deceitful. Although most of the cricketing fraternity across the world like, Mitchell Johnson supported R Ashwin and Don Bradman has supported Kapil Dev as well back then. Their argument stated that it cannot be against the spirit of cricket if it’s in the law,

Cricket is a gentlemen’s game all the controversy has been broken down by all the experts so there is no question of Mankad.

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