What is the success story behind Fabrizio Romano’s ‘Here we go’?

If you are a football fan waiting for your club to announce a new transfer signing, Fabrizio Romano is the man you need. He is a man with the ability to shake up the world of football with just a single tweet. For those of you that don’t know, Fabrizio Romano is an Italian sports journalist. Having been in the industry for almost a decade, he is one of the most reliable sources of transfer updates and other information in the football world. Having over 3 million followers on Twitter and another 2.7 million on Instagram, people are anxiously glued to their phones waiting for a single tweet from the Naples-born journalist. We are going to explore how Fabrizio works and what helped him become the super reliable person he now is.


Fabrizio believes in being at the right place at the right time. Most of the transfer decisions are made face-to-face between club officials. Club officials and agents of players often meet in Milan to discuss transfers. The Italian capital is a place to discuss deals not only for Italian clubs but teams from other European countries as well. In an interview, he said he roams around the streets in Italy as they are flooded with information. He spends a large amount of time in hotel lobbies waiting for club officials and sports agents. Seeing agents and club officials from two different clubs help in connecting the dots of a possible transfer. When two different clubs are seen together in a hotel lobby or elsewhere having a meeting, a transfer rumour is confirmed.

For example, Fabrizio picked up vital information in January 2015. That was the year Paulo Dybala was having an amazing season at Palermo. His performances gathered interest in him from big clubs in Italy and Europe. Fabrizio saw Juventus’ sporting director shortly after he saw Palermo’s president in the same hotel. Juventus were moving in quickly for the deal to be a step ahead of their competition. Fabrizio saw the two club officials and knew Juventus were moving closer to sign Dybala which they eventually did. This is just one example of the countless transfer sagas Fabrizio explores every year.


Football transfers are extremely complex. There are multiple parties involved with each looking at their own best interests. This causes a transfer saga to take multiple turns before it comes to an end. Thus, it is possible that Fabrizio’s predictions may not be true. But that is not the case as Fabrizio’s style of work minimises the chance of failure.

He has built strong contacts and connections with agents and clubs all across Europe. If he hears a transfer rumour or gets information from one agent, he verifies it with all other parties that are involved. Most transfer pundits and journalists hear a rumour and break it to the world but Fabrizio makes sure he has cross-checked information with other agents. This means that many times, other journalists and agencies are first to break the news to the people. But Fabrizio works on being truthful. He is okay with his competitors giving the breaking news because he focuses on giving reliable information to the fans.

“It’s impossible to always be first, covering the Premier League,

La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga. My target is to be correct,

so that people are like, When I see something from Fabrizio,

I know it’s really happening”

-Fabrizio Romano in an interview with Sport Bible

Fabrizio has established himself as one of the most reliable sources of football information and updates. Whenever a deal is finalised, he posts about it on his Twitter and Instagram accounts with the catchphrase ‘Here we go’. Football fans eagerly wait for those three words posted on his account because that means the deal is finalised and the transfer is going to happen. Fabrizio said that he was working on a transfer deal with Manchester United and when it finally happened, he tweeted the update with the words ‘Here we go’. The words gained huge attention from the world with more and more fans demanding a ‘here we go’ for their favourite teams and players. Since then, it has become his catchphrase and he uses it for every completed transfer deal.

-Fabrizio Romano’s ‘Here we go’ tweet for Bruno Fernandes

A transfer window is the busiest time for Fabrizio Romano. He is constantly on his phone making over 50 calls each day to various clubs and agents. He sleeps only for a few hours as the time during a transfer window is crucial. With the time difference across countries and deals across Europe and around the world, he needs to be accessible in person or over the phone. With clubs recovering from the covid pandemic and looking to the transfer market to boost their squad, it is going to be a busy few months for Fabrizio with rumoured hot deals involving Jadon Sancho, Harry Kane and Erling Haaland to name a few. Are we going to get a hundred million ‘Here we go’, we will have to wait to see as the summer after Euros is going to be intense!!!

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