Is using a right hand and left hand combination in cricket a myth?

In the past year’s we have seen teams using the left and right combination on the pitch very often. It maybe doesn’t work in Tests much, but in ODI maybe the things are different. Whether it’s Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar or Sanath Jayasuriya and Marvin Atapattu or any other pair, these left and right-handed pair have dominated the whole era of cricket. Let’s see the reason behind it.

Using left and right-hand combinations in cricket have been adapted by the teams in recent years. Especially sending a right-left pair on the crease is to disturb the line and length of the bowler. As a bowler, it’s difficult to maintain a line and length when the strike is continuously changing and as a bowler, you’ve to work and think on every delivery. As a Captain, you’ve to change a field after every strike rotation. Team management uses these tactics to usually unsettle the bowler and to break his rhythm.

Changing field after every strike rotation takes time and it breaks the rhythm of the bowler. Over the past decades of cricket, we’ve seen a lot of good pairs on the pitch whether they are right-handed, left-handed or right and left both, but some left-right pairs just dominate the game as they wanted to.

Tendulkar and Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar India’s legendary limited-overs opening pair stitched together 176 ODI partnerships throughout their careers in which they scored 8227 runs at an average of 47.55. they are the only opening pair to have scored more than 6000 runs in ODIs. They one of the best right-left opening pair to ever played a game and the stats speaks for themselves.

Sangakkara and Jayawardene

The two greats who have ever played a game for Sri Lanka. These two just changed the cricket for Sri Lanka. Sangakkara and Jayawardene amassed 6554 runs while batting together in tests, at a staggering average of 56.5 runs per partnership. The batting legends completed a staggering 624-run stand against South Africa at the Sinhalese Sports Club in Colombo. This partnership remains the highest for any wicket in Test cricket.

Finch and Warner

They have scored 3,638 runs in 70 innings at an average of 52.72. The two are among the top 10 opening pairs in terms of several runs they have scored as an opening pair. It includes 12-century stands and 14 half-century stands.

Dhawan and Rohit

They are currently one of the best opening pairs in the world and are on the way to joining the list of the best opening pairs of all time for India, following the legendary Tendulkar-Sehwag and Tendulkar-Ganguly duos. In ODIs, the Dhawan-Rohit pair is the highest run-scoring opening pair in the worldsince 2013. They have scored 5,023 runs in 112 innings at an average of 45.25. Which includes 17-century stands and 15 half-century stands.

Although, not all left and right-handed players have all the success but in a limited over cricket it still works.

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