Can Bruno Fernandes be a Premier League legend?

Bruno Fernandes has made his mark at Manchester United over the past two seasons. The presence of the Portuguese maestro can be easily felt on the pitch due to his natural flair, work rate, and goal-scoring ability which has immensely improved a struggling Manchester United side and has helped them reclaim the top 4 spots over the last two years.

It is no secret that Bruno has provided United with all the things which they were missing during their past seasons. The midfielder brings the ability to play the balls in between the defending lines, creating more attacking chances for the likes of Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial, along with this he brings consistency in terms of performances week in week out, which makes him one of the most reliable players in the premier league.


During his first full season at the red devils, Bruno Fernandes broke the scoring charts in the premier league and other competitions. The midfielder recorded a mammoth 28 goals despite playing in a central midfield position, replicating similar stats which he has previously produced in the Portuguese league.

Bruno Fernandes has turned out to be the complete package for the red devils, the man can score from inside the box, outside the box, penalties, freekick, and even the occasional headers, the fun fact is that his game is not limited to just goals they’re a bonus to his presence on the field and high work rate during both defensive and attacking phases of a game.

His arrival has also helped to ease the burden off the shoulders of Marcus Rashford, the winger was previously responsible for taking care of both the creative as well as the finishing part of Manchester United’s game.

Bruno’s winning mentality and respect towards the club has instantly made him a fan favorite among the supporters of the reds of Manchester, which means that he is now one of the most pivotal players not only for the current project but also for the future.


The premier league has seen some of the greatest midfielders play over the past decades, the likes of Steven Gerard, Frank Lampard, and Paul Scholes leading the line and setting the example for the next generation of midfielders.

 It is no doubt that the standards are very high, to be able to perform consistently for 10-15 in the challenging conditions of the premier league probably isn’t for everyone, something that we saw with the likes of Mesut Ozil at Arsenal.

 However, to reach those heights Bruno has all the qualities one could need, what remains to be seen is that whether he can add some silverware alongside his goals at Manchester united while also facing tough competition from Kevin de Bruyne at Manchester City.

Bruno Fernandes has already broken the record for most goals by an EPL midfielder in a season, which was previously help by Frank Lampard, the highest-scoring midfielder of this generation. Whether or not Bruno can surpass him in terms of silverware and stats remains to be seen but for once the signs point in the right direction for the Portuguese midfielder.

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