Is Jadon Sancho a ‘Must Pick’ for FPL or not?

The most awaited transfer on any Manchester United fan was Jadon Sancho. A rumour that has been going on since the last 2 transfer windows has finally reached its inevitable end. Sancho is finally a Manchester United player and could be an important instrument in the Red Devil’s attack.

As a player, he is magnificent in every aspect.


He is a young 21-year-old, Right Winger and a prospective developing player. As he is in his growing years, he has been improving season by season which could be seen in the above table. As he got more and more playing time, we could see him coming up with more goals and more assists.

A dynamic winger with flair could be exactly what Manchester United would need. They have been rotating players in that position with Mason Greenwood and Daniel James taking up that position where their performance has been fluctuating. None of them has been giving a constant performance which could help them cement their spot.

Jadon Sancho joins Manchester United

Even in terms of crossing none of them showed much prowess. Aaron Wan Bissaka who has been an attacking fullback seems to lack the ability to put good crosses into the box.

So Sancho’s ability could help Man U strengthen their attack from the right side. He excels in his crossing abilities, through balls, key passing abilities, finishing, dribbling and holding the ball. All this could prove lethal during the Manchester United counterattacks.

But at SPORTSWAY we focus on FPL (Fantasy Premier League). So the main question that needs answering is will Jadon Sancho be a good pick for FPL.

  • Price in FPL – £9.5m
  • Position – Midfield


  • Considering his 2020-21 season performance in the Bundesliga, If we take the number of goals and assists and calculate the number of points then it would appear something like this-
  • Goals-  16 X 5(points for a midfielder scoring) = 80
  • Assists – 20 X 3(points for an assist) = 60
  • Minutes played – 2974/60 = 50(approx.)

            *A player gets 2 points for playing 60 minutes or more*    

  • Clean sheets – 12 X 1 = 12

            *Considering an average of 12 clean sheets*

So if we combine all these points the total comes down to 202 points and that is just an estimate.

Last season Bruno Fernandes who is the Penalty taker and has been the source of a turnaround for Manchester United scored 244 points.

Going by the estimate, 202 points for a player without being the penalty taker would be an excellent return

  • As we can see he has been gradually improving and with the likes of Edinson Cavani, Marcus Rashford, Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba being there with him to assist and score his launched balls, he could be producing a much more massive performance than he has been giving earlier.
Manchester strengthens the attacking lineup!!!
  • He is a former Manchester City player which gives him an edge as he has experienced rough English football in his youth. It means he won’t be a stranger to the physicality of the Premier League.


  • Expensive Player

The price for a new player who has returned to Premier League is still a bit much. Jadon Sancho costs £9.5m which is quite a steep price for a player who still hasn’t proved himself in the premier league.  Players like Rashford, Mahrez and Havertz fall in a similar price bracket but the difference is that they have proved themselves in the League. So anyone who would reserve 10% of his total investment amount for a single player will have to think about the returns.

Failing Bundesliga stars in PL
  • Failed Bundesliga starlets

We have a few very recent examples which could be evidence that performing well in Bundesliga is not equivalent to Premiere League. The starlets of Bundesliga such as – Timo Werner, Kai Havertz and Ilkay Gundogan are the most recent examples which show underperforming initial seasons. So if we consider that pattern then Jadon Sancho could very well be underway to his initial under performing season.

There is always a silver lining as he doesn’t need to follow down the same path but could very well be headed for the same path. No one can predict what will happen.

Manchester United attack this season

There are always pros and cons to choosing a player in the FPL. But that’s what we are here to analyse and present those facts to you.

According to our views choosing him in your FPL squad would be a gamble as he still needs to prove himself in the League. But a gamble could very well turn out to be the most profitable return of the team considering the intent and improvement shown by Manchester United and Ole Gunner Solskjaer.

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