Which batsmen are dominating the world of cricket?

Cricket is the most popular game in India like every other sport. The popularity of cricket has increased in many countries like China and the USA, they are also preparing to take part in international competition in cricket.  Hence when we talk about the format in each game then first, we talk about Test cricket and only one name strikes to our mind that is Kane Williamson.  

 ICC declares Kane Williamson as the best and 1 test batsman in the world.  

In Test cricket he has scored 7230 runs in 148 innings with 24 hundred and 33 fifties with 4 double test centuries, hence his highest score of 251 was made against West Indies in December 2020 at Seddon Park Hamilton and his second-highest score of 238 is against Pakistan in January 2021.  

When he started his career Williamson was very modest about his skills and his coach said “Everyone is gifted, I guess but you get some that seem exceptionally so I am not one of them” since he was 14. At the age of 20, he scored a Test debut century, hence at 24 years and 151 days (about 5 months), he was the youngest New Zealand batsman who scored 3000 Test runs is younger than Don Bradman.  

While if we see year by year stats of Kane Williamson then from 2010 to 2021, He was outstanding on his batting in Test cricket, in 2010 in 5 innings he has scored 212 runs with the highest score of 131 runs with an average of 42.40 with 1 hundred and 1 fifties, on 2011 he has scored 276 runs with the highest score of 68 with an average of 27.60, He was just progressing days after days in batting and especially in test cricket when he reached to 2015, he scored 1172 runs with an average of 90.15. 

Hence, he was giving a tough fight against India at the WTC final, so Williamson is the most amazing batsman in Test Cricket. 

When it comes to ODI cricket the only names come to our mind is Babar Azam he is the world 1 batsman Pakistan have ever produced, he is the most destructive batsmen and the way he plays shots he has learned top of it. 

Hence in ODI cricket, he scored 3985 runs with 14 centuries and 17 fifties with an average of 56.93 on his name and his highest score in ODI cricket is 158 runs from 139 deliveries against England. 

He was the second-fastest player to score 2000 ODI runs, hence he has more ODI hundred and World Cup hundred in a game against New Zealand will be one of the greatest individual Pakistan ODI. If we see Babar Azam year by year in 2019 in 20 innings, he scored 1092 runs in 1183 balls with an average of 60.7.  

Hence Babar Azam is the most amazing batsman in ODI cricket.  

While in T20 cricket Its Dawid Malan is a blasting batsman in the international circuit. He is a left-handed batsman and plays for Middlesex. In T20 he has scored 1123 runs with an average of 43.19 in 30 innings with 1 century and 11 fifties.  

Hence on his debut against South Africa, he scored 78 in 44 balls and was named man of the match, so in 2019 he scores his highest T20 run is 103 with an average of 64.00 against New Zealand with 29 fours and 16 sixes.  

So, he is one of the most explosive batsmen England has ever produced.  

While these are the three batsmen who are dominating the world cricket in each format.  


Career Statistics –Williamson Test 
Career Statistics
Career Averages
vs Team
vs Australia2011-2019918169916641.11120857.86222930
vs Bangladesh2013-2019682683200*113.83102066.96340732
vs England2013-20211221275713239.84181841.63342901
vs India2010-20211222182913139.47182145.52251882
vs Pakistan2011-202112221124223859.14227454.614401263
vs South Africa2012-20171016266517647.50137048.54321734
vs Sri Lanka2012-201910183992242*66.13175856.42352951
vs West Indies2012-20201017197025160.62202547.903411213
vs Zimbabwe2011-201646139311378.6067358.39130391
In Host Country
in Australia2011-2019714155716642.8486764.24212780
in Bangladesh2013-201323025011483.3351148.92120201
in England2013-2021612136213232.9093638.67121420
in India2010-2016713046113135.46107542.88131460
in New Zealand2011-202141668378825165.31693754.601318242713
in South Africa2013-20164711277721.1626248.47010151
in Sri Lanka2012-201947018713526.7144042.50102150
in U.A.E.2014-2018611164719264.70114556.50220621
in West Indies2012-20145101462161*51.33112940.92211540
in Zimbabwe2011-201635138911397.2566558.49130391
in Continent
in Africa2011-2016712251611351.6092755.66140542
in Americas2012-20145101462161*51.33112940.92211540
in Asia2010-201919341154519246.81317148.725731432
in Europe2013-2021612136213232.9093638.67121420
in Oceania2011-202148809434525161.19780455.671519450513
Home vs Away
By Year
year 201035021213142.4048543.71111190
year 201151002766827.6056948.50021321
year 20121018155913532.88147437.92223510
year 20131119174711441.50173143.15170862
year 2014917292919261.93183850.544201023
year 201581631172242*90.15195559.945411361
year 20161018275311347.06141053.40160772
year 2017710156617662.8885965.89320703
year 2018712165113959.18119554.47231611
year 20198122514200*51.4085859.90222601
year 202046049825183.0091154.66210603
year 202135135323888.2568251.75110440
Babar Azam- Career Statistics
Career Averages
vs Team
vs Afghanistan2018-20192201116655.5014576.5501091
vs Australia2017-201966031210052.0037184.09110302
vs Bangladesh2018-2019220979648.5010196.03010110
vs England2015-20211919281615848.0083897.372517713
vs Hong Kong2018-2018110333333.003691.6600031
vs India2017-20195501584831.6020875.96000141
vs Ireland2016-2016110292929.0029100.0000020
vs New Zealand2016-201911111415101*41.5050781.85132412
vs South Africa2017-20211010252310365.3758489.55130614
vs Sri Lanka2015-2019109149611562.0060282.39310324
vs West Indies2016-2019771536125*89.3357193.87400378
vs Zimbabwe2015-2020984459125114.75457100.43220435
In Host Country
in Australia2017-201755028210056.4034382.21110232
in England2016-202126263118315851.43129691.283511249
in Ireland2016-2016110292929.0029100.0000020
in New Zealand2016-20187701768325.1422976.85021211
in Pakistan2015-202066142112584.20408103.18220377
in South Africa2019-202188142310360.4245393.37120504
in Sri Lanka2015-2015220372518.504975.5100040
in U.A.E.2015-201820192109612364.47128785.155517313
in West Indies2017-2017331154125*77.0017588.00100103
in Zimbabwe2018-2018543184106*184.00180102.22100162
in Continent
in Africa2018-202113124607106*75.8763395.89220666
in Americas2017-2017331154125*77.0017588.00100103
in Asia2015-202028273155412564.75174489.1077111420
in Europe2016-202127273121215850.50132591.473511269
in Oceania2016-20181212045810038.1657280.06131443
Home vs Away
By Year
year 201577123062*38.3325889.14030175
year 20161111065612359.6368995.21320586
year 201718174872125*67.07110079.27420626
year 201818173509106*36.3562781.18122435
year 201920202109211560.66118392.303601099
year 2020331221125110.50217101.84110233
year 202166040515867.50375108.00211487

Dawid Malan

Career Statistics
Career Averages
vs Team
vs Australia2018-20205501896637.80139135.97020215
vs India2021-20215511486837.00123120.32010155
vs New Zealand2018-2019661320103*64.00203157.631302916
vs Pakistan2020-202166111754*23.40111105.40010111
vs South Africa2017-202055126299*65.50163160.73030348
vs Sri Lanka2021-2021330877629.0067129.8501064
In Host Country
in Australia2018-2018220605030.0046130.4301062
in England2017-2021131314117834.25315130.470404410
in India2021-20215511486837.00123120.32010155
in New Zealand2018-2019661320103*64.00203157.631302916
in South Africa2020-202044118499*61.33119154.62020226
in Continent
in Africa2020-202044118499*61.33119154.62020226
in Asia2021-20215511486837.00123120.32010155
in Europe2017-2021131314117834.25315130.470404410
in Oceania2018-2019881380103*54.28249152.611403518
Home vs Away
By Year
year 2017110787878.0044177.27010122
year 20184401725943.00122140.98030149
year 2019441208103*69.33127163.77110219
year 20201010239799*49.62279142.290404610
year 2021111112687626.80234114.52020239

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