Which clubs could possibly win in the top 5 leagues next season?

Football season starts in the first week of August where the French league will start from 7 Aug. The Spanish league, Bundesliga, and the Premier League will start on the 14 of August whereas the Serie A will commence from the 22nd of August. The summer transfer has opened and all the clubs have started to fill their voids by buying the best of the best players. Some clubs are buying the best players for a fee whereas some clubs are buying for free.  

Serie A 

Last season Juventus after failing to win a consecutive 10th time, Inter Milan won it thanks to their coach Antonio Conte and staff. But unfortunately this season Conte terminated his contract and as a result, Simone Inzaghi is their new coach.  

But this time, as even Juventus have brought back their coach Massimiliano Allegri who has previously managed Juventus and knows about the club, could probably bring back their glory days and we could see Allegri helping Juventus to another Serie A title. 


The German league has been a two-way tie for the last few years now where the Bavarians have been winning it and making it a habit now. This season everyone expects the same. Bayern Munich to win the Bundesliga but you never know of their bitter rivals Borussia Dortmund who have a new coach named Marco Rose. Even Bayern Munich has a new coach after Hansi Flick left for the German National Team named Julian Nagelsmann. There were rumors of Halaand leaving BVB but he isn’t. This is his last year of the contract and could make it the best one by winning the league but Bayern is also no less of a league-winning team.


Ligue 1 

The French league is, to be honest weird. A league where a club called PSG dominates for 4-5 years but then fails miserably the next year to win the same. Or a club called AS Monaco wins the league in 2016 but then finishes below 10th in the next season. Talking about the new season which is set to begin on the 7th, PSG has added more firepower to their squad by signing world-class goalkeepers and defenders. With this squad, they can not only avenge their league title defeat against Lille but also win the  UCL…!!!


The Spanish League has been competitive until 2018 but since Cristiano Ronaldo left, it’s not the same anymore. Well, it’s competitive but not at the top level as it used to be before. Last year Barcelona sold Luis Suarez to rivals Athletico Madrid and it proved to be a turning point as Suarez was the main player who helped Athletico to their first title since 2014. The tussle was going on until the last day as both of the Madrid clubs, Real and Athletico were fighting to the title but later on Suarez sealed it by scoring a goal in the last 10 minutes and Athletico won it by just 1 point. Speaking of this season, Barcelona has added more power to their squad by doing world-class signings whereas, on the other hand, Real Madrid has sold their world-class players to other clubs. Their new coach Carlo Ancelotti has many players who have returned from their loan spells and so this season could be one of the best while it could turn into total failures. Athletico Madrid has just done 1 signing of Rodrigo DePaul and thinking of a possible swap between Saul and we could see a possible return of Antonie Griezmann. But till now and thinking about the signings and pre-season games Barcelona can win the league this season.  

Premier League 

The Premier League is said to be the toughest league out of the top 5 leagues but in the European tournaments, we have been seeing the Spanish dominance. Nonetheless, PL is also one of the most entertaining leagues in the world. In the last 4 years, Manchester City has been winning it 3 times whereas Liverpool winning it in the last season after 30 years. Previously Chelsea was the dominant side i.e from 2013-15 whereas previously Manchester United has been the dominant side. But this time it could be different as Manchester United is one of the serious contenders after signing world-class players from top clubs. Manchester City is pushing hard for Jack Grealish and Harry Kane but still no deal! Even after spending 200 million in the previous season, still, they’re going all-in for Erling Halaand but again still no deal! Here Liverpool has brought a defender and it looks like even they are ready for the title. But looking at all the clubs’ conditions now, Manchester United can probably win the Premier League this season after 2012-13.


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