Ronaldo staying at Juventus: What it means for the old lady?

After months of speculation in the transfer market, it seems like Cristiano Ronaldo is all set t stay another year at Juventus, however, a late move elsewhere cannot be ruled out but as pointed out by many reliable sources currently the Portuguese legend has no offers from any top clubs who would like to take his services to a new country.

The effects of the ongoing pandemic have certainly hit Ronaldo hard, if not for this we probably would have been seeing him wearing a new shirt this summer already, however, that may still happen but for now, it’s fair to speculate about what’s next for CR7 and Juventus.


The Portuguese legend was brought to Turin three years back in the hope of being the final piece of the puzzle which the old lady needed to win the trophy with the big ears, however, that has turned to be far from reality, not only has Ronaldo had to deal with a declining Juventus squad but he has also been coached by three different managers in three consecutive years.

It seems like the trend is here to continue as Juventus sacked Andrea Pirlo and brought back Allegri again for the upcoming season, given the fact that this is Ronaldo’s last year at Juventus and since there are no clear signs of an extension as of now.

Ronaldo turns 37 next year in February, many believe that this might truly be his last shot at the champions league despite his amazing physique and fitness levels, the truth is we aren’t the only ones aware of this, Ronaldo is too which is why he probably remains persistent on leaving the club if an offer arrives despite not communicating that desire to the Juventus hierarchy yet.

Juventus are currently in a rebuilding phase, Allegri has been brought to develop these young talents as the pillars for tomorrow, to add to that the old lady will be looking to regain their dominance in Italy, which means that their priority might no longer be the champions league.

This certainly becomes an issue for CR7, who is certainly on a personal mission to win the champions league for the sixth time, which is why he will be praying that the cards dow work in his favor and French giants PSG come calling soon enough.


It is no question that Allegri and Ronaldo have immense respect for each other, but their vision of the game is slightly different. While Allegri focuses on more pragmatic football, Ronaldo loves to play fast-paced football which can help him score more goals. This was certainly a problem during his first season at Juventus, which is probably why Maurizio Sarri was hired in the first place.

However, this time around Allegri holds the key to Juventus and their style of playing and there is possibly nothing Ronaldo can do about it. This means the striker will have to adjust to a role focused more on leading the team and possibly playing different positions upfront, while also accepting the fact that Paulo Dybala and Chiesa would be given equal importance.

If all these changes end up working this season and Juventus lift the trophy with the big ears, Ronaldo is the last person who would care about the kind of football they played to get there, but with the current resources and lack of signings, it seems like the drought for the old lady will continue, while Ronaldo will still be on the lookout for other adventures till the end of the transfer season.

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