Leeds United:Team Preview Season 2021-22

The team that bought in a lot of surprises and a lot of potential last season was Leeds United. The Bielsa Ball had an immense impact on the game of Leeds United. They began the season with a blast and were a challenge for any team that faced them. A number of players from the squad of Leeds United outshone on the pitch: Patrick Bamford, Kalvin Phillips, Raphinha, Jack Harrison and Stuart Dallas.  

The tactics employed by Bielsa were phenomenal as well. The opposition teams had a lot of figuring out to do as to which player is playing in which position. This made their play unpredictable and was the reason for being able to strike at any point of time during a match. Their first match with Liverpool was a match to remember. It was a 6 goal thriller where Leeds was going neck to neck with the defending champions as the match ended in a draw with a score line of 3-3.

The question that arises is: What should we expect from Leeds this season?

Marcelo Bielsa

Great Tactician

Bielsa is still their manger and he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. Last year was their first season returning to the Premier League so they needed time to adjust to the top flight football.  This season we could expect a bit more consistent performance from them as compared to last year.

Tactics of Bielsa

Excellent set of players

The players of the squad were influential in the UEFA Euro2020 matches and have shown flair and improvement in their performances. So with a year of experience in the Premier League they could produce much better performances. Many of them are expected to be much more creative and clinical such as Bamford. Raphinha is expected to have a higher contribution to the goals and assists of the team. Kalvin Phillips is expected to have a higher defensive contribution as well as

Leeds United Players

Competitor for Top 4

They were more or less like the Robin Hood of Premier League as they grabbed points from the ‘Big 6’ but lost those points against the teams below. Considering last season’s performance, they could be competing for a spot in the top 4. It’ll surely not be an easy task as all the teams are fortifying their teams as well, but Leeds is very well capable of producing performances to thwart any team from the Big Six.

All these factors could be a deal breaker for them and could be the very reason due to which they are a team to look out for.

FPL Picks

Players like Patrick Bamford, Raphinha and Jack Harrison will be great picks for FPL as they can contribute in terms of goals as well as assists.

FPL Picks

Patrick Bamford

Patrick Bamford scored 17 goals last season and gave 7 assists as well. Such stats are truly remarkable for a player who has just been promoted to the Premier League. He has been their main source of goals and has always been a threat in front of goal.

Price – 8.0


In the second half of the season, Raphinha took charge and gave 6 goals and 9 assists throughout the season. He was always getting those long balls and through balls to the attacking third, helping in creating chances for the strikers.

Price – 6.5

Jack Harrison

Another player who was a source of creation as well as scoring of goals, Jack Harrison scored 8 and gave 8 assists in his first PL season. He has always been a threat from midfield and could always provide goals and assists.

Price – 6.0     

Predicted finish – 8th

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