Newcastle United Season Preview

SEASON 2020-21

Another year and another survival for Newcastle united but in the hindsight in their last season even though it seemed like they wouldn’t survive especially after the Brighton game where Newcastle lost 3-0, Newcastle were 12th on the table which is 2 spots higher than their 2019-20 season when they were 14th. With that being said they had a fair share of good singings last season which proved good for them Callum Wilson was a fantastic signing, Jamal Lewis who looked good, and Jeff Hendrick who looked okay considering he was a free transfer.

Overall speaking the number of good games that Newcastle had last season are few and the amount of okay or bad games being many. Examples: West Brom 0-0 Newcastle

                                    Sheffield United 1-0 Newcastle

Graeme Jones who joined as a coach mid-season has got his fair share of love and hate from Newcastle fans, but no doubt, if you looked at the whole season, after his joining Newcastle, had a slightly better performance.

Now let’s talk about their Highlight of the season. Their best game was against Leicester City which Newcastle won 4-2. Leicester City was in the top 4 and Newcastle managed to not only stop them but also win and make them lose their position.     

New Castle United

Player of the Season

With Newcastle signing many players their signing was their player of the season that is Callum Wilson because without his goals Newcastle would’ve been in a lot of trouble Callum Wilson came in clutch and provided for the team. Many might say Allan Saint-Maxim was the best but he was injured most of the time to be counted as a player of the season for Newcastle.

Callum Wilson

Worst Signing

Jamal Lewis has to be the worst signing. The player hasn’t had much of an impact this season. Being a LB it’s important nowadays to move forward and support with crosses and attacks but Jamal Lewis has lacked that. 

Jamal Lewis

SEASON 2021-22

This season Newcastle hasn’t brought in anyone yet whereas the other teams have started. The places where Newcastle has need players are the mid-field and the and the CB. They also need a backup for Callum Wilson as he is a player who is also prone to injury.

Newcastle is facing another issue other than the battle for relegation that being the takeover issue. This saga is going on since last year. The issue stands with approval from Premier League, now where the problem lies is that 80% of the club would belong to the public investment of Saudi Arabia which the premier league refuses and the battle was supposed to be over then as the offer was withdrawn but it has now been reignited Mike Ashley the owner of the club has decided to appoint a legal team and take the battle to the premier league.

Newcastle has played their 1st pre-season friendly against Burton Albion and won 2-0.

Now the tactics which after seeing their last games for the PL and friendlies have to be 5-3-2/3-5-2 which served them well in the last eight games. Now it seems that Newcastle is focused on the top half finish for the upcoming season.

Now the question is will they finish in the top half of the table or will they battle against relegation again.

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