Ben Stokes Premature retirement and importance of Mental health

England all-rounder Ben Stokes took a premature retirement for the importance of Mental health. He will be missing the India series and he has some problem with his index finger. 

According to the report of the Managing Director of England Men’s cricket, Ashley Giles said about Ben Strokes “He has shown tremendous courage to open up about his feelings and wellbeing”. He also added 

“Our primary focus has always been and will continue to be the mental health and welfare of all of our people,” said Giles. “The demands on our athletes to prepare and play elite sport are relentless in a typical environment, but the ongoing pandemic has acutely compounded this. 

“Spending significant amounts of time away from family, with minimal freedoms, is extremely challenging. The cumulative effect of operating almost continuously in these environments over the last 16 months has had a major impact on everyone’s wellbeing. Ben will be given as long as he needs, and we look forward to seeing him playing cricket for England in the future.” 

After this decision came over by many Cricketers across the fraternity praised Ben Strokes. 


Wishing Ben strokes all the best for his time away from the game. Probably a timely reminder that no matter how resilient or ‘mentally tough’, the last couple of years have been challenging for everyone for many different reasons. Be a little kinder to each other said Jimmy Neesham. 

Very brave Ben Strokes putting his mental health first. Another reminder to look after yourself and self-love is so important. Love to see him back playing soon said Monty Panesar. 

This pandemic has changed many things, Quentin, in Bio bubble, is very much challenging for players its looks luxurious from the outside but is very much challenging, Players like Ben Stokes, Joe Root, Virat Kohli are very much in limelight is very difficult. 

It is not only for Ben Strokes all across different sports are suffering Mental issue player, but we have also witnessed Simon Biles at Tokyo, Naomi Osaka pulled out his name from French open these are the top players who are suffering from mental issues. 

The mental health condition in cricket is not new we have witnessed many like Mohammud Shami was also faced mental issues with his issue he was thinking to jump from 27 floors from the balcony he opened up in an interview it has been long term but now during a pandemic, it’s very difficult to deal with this kind of situation. 

The mental health issue can be solved the players have to speak out with the phycologist so that things can be solved quickly. 

Overall, Ben strokes took an Indefinite break and a premature retirement because he wanted to give rest to his Index finger and some mental issue, hence last summer after losing his father he was depressed and he was in bio bubble and left the series mid-way against Pakistan. So, Ben Strokes will not play IPL, T20 World Cup maybe we can see him on the Ashes all these things with Ben Strokes are question mark days will tell. 

Jimmy Nesham’s tweet

Monty Panesar’s tweet

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