How Bio Bubbles are important for Cricketers and are they depressing?

As the covid-19 emerged the world faced different challenges, and when it has come to athletes, they face different challenges in the Bio bubble. It is not at all easy to stay in a bio bubble. Even though it shows luxuries from the outside, it is very much different for every sportsperson.   

When India tour to Australia in the 2020 team India faced a different kind of challenges in the Bio Bubble on that time Mohammad Siraj lost his father and it was a tough time for him inside the Bio bubble at night sitting inside his room and he was crying no one can go inside his room to give sorrow and it was tough for teams to broke the Bio bubble protocols only the physio was allowed inside in his room said Boria Majumder.  

The life of a professional cricketer is not easy in the bio bubble, hence covid19 has Changed people’s life.  

Bio Bubble is an invisible shield from which we can securely protect the environment so that the covid 19 infections cannot spread into the environment, in any case, if there is any Bio Bubble Breach then the person will be isolated and must test negative twice entering the bubble. The bio secure bubble works the players must do isolated themself they cannot meet their family, relatives, and do not connect with the outside world.  

West Indies Tour of England was played in bio bubble for the first time in international cricket, hence during the series, no one tested positive. If anyone leaves during the Bio bubble on the tournament, they must be isolated for 5 days and pass the covid19 test then only they can go inside the bio bubble environment.  

The first Bio Bubble Breach was done by Jofra Archer he was dropped from the bio bubble.  

According to the report, Hassan Mahmood said any psychological fallout from bubble life will come in for intense scrutiny once the crisis has passed.  

“Hopefully, once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, there will be a period of reflection to ascertain the full impact of the Biosecure bubbles on the mental health of cricketers,”.  

Some strategies should be maintained in the BioSecure Bubble you have to be incredibly positive and imaginary, you can also connect yourself with loved ones through video calls, Mindfulness you must stay at present do not overthink.  

  During IPL One of the biggest advantages of the Bio bubble is the cricketer’s family come closer to each other off the field, hence extra time also means the franchise allows the players to connect with their fans on social media.  

Overall Bio bubble will be there in cricket to protect the environment from covid infections and each team’s member must be in that zone so that no one meets any covid19 contact or Breach Bio bubble.   

Hence in the bio bubble, the cricketers must stay Mentally fit so that when they come out to play there should not any problem for the players that affect the game. 

So, bio bubble is protection for players and the environment and depressing.

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