Was England’s win in 2019 justifiable?

England won the world cup like Trump won the presidency. The die-hard cricket fan will never forget the ICC cricket world cup final 2019.

The finish was very thrilling. The match was tied at the end of England’s chase of 242. Then it went to a super over. In the super over England scored 15 runs and New Zealand also did too well and ended up with 15 runs of their own. But the team which was declared as winners was England because they had more boundaries. 

This was not at all justifiable. According to me, the match should have ended with Kane Williamson lifting the trophy. But it didn’t and ended with Joe Root lifting the trophy. This sounds like two people with 1000 rupees, but the richer would one who has large denomination notes. This is not only an arbitrary judgment but an illegitimate one. And the same way, a run is also like a rupee, is equal to every other run. This is the fact that run can be put together as fours and sixes. But the total of boundaries cannot make ones, twos, and threes less valuable. 

We can’t say that 1000 Rs made of two 5 hundred rupees notes worth more than 10 notes of hundred rupees. If we do so, then the RBI governor would want to have a word with you. In the same way, currency of sport that is run have been debased by the governor of cricket and have made an utterly arbitrary result.

I think if any situation like this appears then both the teams should be declared joint winners and this would also give legitimacy to the result.

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