Which bowlers are dominating the world of cricket?

When it comes to bowling, the first name that comes to our mind is Glenn McGrath, Bret lee and many more. Now in the current generation, the world’s Number one Test Bowler is Pat Cummins. 

Hence Pat Cummins made his International Test debut in the year 2011 at Wanderers pitch. He gave a seven-wicket match haul including in the second innings gave Australia a chase-able score which they eventually gunned down, albeit by a narrow margin. In the celebration everyone is talking about his pace and bounce, he is one of the most destructive bowlers in Test cricket. He suffered many Injuries, lower fractures against South Africa at Wanderers. 

From 2011 to 2021 164 Wickets in 65 innings with 5 five-wicket hauls in Test cricket and produced 3542 runs, against England from 2017 to 2019 he took 52 wickets with an economy of 2.78 in 19 innings. He became more aggressive against India from 2017 to 2021 he took 43 wickets with an economy of 2.73. 

In Australia he took 92 wickets with an economy of 2.66 and produced 1968 runs in 20 matches, from 2011 2019 in away matches he took 72 wickets and produced 1574 runs in 14 matches and 27 innings in Test cricket. 

Hence, he was a Test vice-captain against Sri Lankan and he came to the world 1 one Test bowler in the world and given Allen Bowder Medel and from 2018 to 2019 he became men’s cricketer of the year.

When it comes to ODI cricket the one name that comes to our mind is Trent Boult, he is one of the destructive bowlers in the world, with his 150 clicks of bowling he delivers Yorker and creates a problem for the batsman. 

According to his coach, John Pamment said “he’s got a lovely wrist position, and the fact that the wrist goes right behind the ball gives him that control. 

From 2012 to 2021 in 93 innings he took 169 Wickets with an economy of 4.99 and produced 4261 runs with 5 five-wicket hauls. 

Hence against Australia from 2015 to 2020, he took 29 wickets with an economy of 5.09 in 12 innings, against India he took 24 wickets from 2016 to 2019. 

In New Zealand, he took 116 wickets with an economy of 4.87 in 56 innings. In oversees country from 2012 to 2020 he took 32 wickets with an economy of 5.21.  

So, he is one of the most Important bowlers in New Zealand cricket. 

When it comes to T20 Cricket the one name comes from proteas that are Tabraiz Shamsi. He is a left-arm wrist-spinner with various variations. After Imran Tahir, he is one of the most important bowlers in South African cricket. 

In the year 2015 when he played in Caribbean Premier League Eric Simons was his coach he said “There, Shamsi rose to some prominence, taking 11 wickets at 13.27 in the seven matches he played he is one of the most important wrist spinners in T20 circuit. He made his T20 debut against Australia in Adelaide. 

From 2017 to 2021 he took 45 Wickets with an economy of 6.80 in 39 innings and produced 993 runs on T20 matches. Against India, from 2018 to 2019 he took 4 wickets with an economy of 7.88 in 5 innings. 

In South Africa he took from 2018 to 2021 in 23 matches he took 20 wickets with an economy of 7.86 and produced 684 runs, hence in the overseas from 2017 to 2021 he took 25 wickets in 16 matches with an economy of 5.23. Overall, he becomes the leading bowler for South African cricket. 

These are the players like Pat Cummins, Trent Boult, and Tabraiz Shamsi are the best bowler in each format starting from Test, ODI, T20 dominating the world Cricket.

Pat Cummins: Test stats

Career Averages
vs Team
vs Bangladesh2017-20172463.01217463/634/10129.002.7663.0000
vs England2017-20191019408.11041136524/328/11921.842.7847.0000
vs India2017-20211018384.11001052436/279/9924.462.7353.6010
vs New Zealand2019-202036101.427225125/285/7518.752.2150.8010
vs Pakistan2019-20192480.41925783/605/12932.123.1860.5000
vs South Africa2011-2018510199.440589296/799/14120.312.9441.3020
vs Sri Lanka2019-20192451.416109146/2310/627.782.1022.1011
In Host Country
in Australia2017-20212038738.21851968926/2310/6221.392.6648.1031
in Bangladesh2017-20172463.01217463/634/10129.002.7663.0000
in England2019-2019510211.061569294/327/10319.622.6943.6000
in India2017-20172377.02024284/1064/10630.253.1457.7000
in South Africa2011-2018510199.440589296/799/14120.312.9441.3020
in Continent
in Africa2011-2018510199.440589296/799/14120.312.9441.3020
in Asia2017-201747140.032416144/1064/10129.712.9760.0000
in Europe2019-2019510211.061569294/327/10319.622.6943.6000
in Oceania2017-20212038738.21851968926/2310/6221.392.6648.1031
Home vs Away

Trent Boult:ODI

Career Averages
vs Team
vs Afghanistan2015-20192220.026833/3422.663.4040.0000
vs Australia2015-20201212109.37558296/3319.245.0922.6012
vs Bangladesh2015-20211111105.26456184/2725.334.3235.1010
vs England2013-20191212113.06637194/5533.525.6335.6010
vs India2016-20191313125.315590245/2124.584.7031.3011
vs Pakistan2015-20191212108.34581235/1725.265.3528.3011
vs Scotland2015-2015116.012122/2110.503.5018.0000
vs South Africa2014-20199985.22495133/6338.075.8039.3000
vs Sri Lanka2012-20191313108.15560174/4432.945.1738.1010
vs West Indies2012-20198871.311295217/3414.044.1220.4021
In Host Country
in Australia2015-20205550.0225773/4936.715.1442.8000
in England2015-20191515143.05719264/3027.655.0233.0030
in India2016-20177769.44368104/3536.805.2841.8010
in New Zealand2013-20215656510.44524921167/3421.484.8726.4045
in Sri Lanka2012-20124423.0011031/2336.664.7846.0000
in U.A.E.2018-20183330.0119443/5448.506.4645.0000
in West Indies2012-20123326.3212132/4540.334.5653.0000
in Continent
in Americas2012-20123326.3212132/4540.334.5653.0000
in Asia2012-20181414122.45672174/3539.525.4743.2010
in Europe2015-20191515143.05719264/3027.655.0233.0030
in Oceania2013-20216161560.44727491237/3422.344.9027.3045
Home vs Away

Tabrazi shamsi: T20

Career Averages
vs Team
vs Australia2018-20204414.008542/3121.256.0721.0000
vs England2017-20208828.0024563/1940.838.7528.0000
vs India2018-20195517.0013441/1933.507.8825.5000
vs Ireland2021-2021228.004174/275.855.126.8010
vs Pakistan2019-2021101039.00266124/2522.166.8219.5010
vs Sri Lanka2018-20193312.016242/1615.505.1618.0000
vs West Indies2021-20215520.008072/1311.424.0017.1000
vs Zimbabwe2018-2018228.008011/3780.0010.0048.0000
In Host Country
in Australia2018-2018112.001211/1212.006.0012.0000
in England2017-2017226.004707.8300
in India2019-2019227.004221/1921.006.0021.0000
in Ireland2021-2021228.004174/275.855.126.8010
in Pakistan2021-20213312.006164/2510.165.0812.0010
in South Africa2018-2021232387.00684203/1934.207.8626.1000
in Sri Lanka2018-2018114.012622/2613.006.5012.0000
in West Indies2021-20215520.008072/1311.424.0017.1000
in Continent
in Africa2018-2021232387.00684203/1934.207.8626.1000
in Americas2021-20215520.008072/1311.424.0017.1000
in Asia2018-20216623.01129104/2512.905.6013.8010
in Europe2017-20214414.008874/2712.576.2812.0010
in Oceania2018-2018112.001211/1212.006.0012.0000
Home vs Away




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