The History of Kerry Packer Series

Kerry Francis packer was an Australian Media tycoon who had started the Kerry Packer World series from 1977to 1979. 

This whole Cricket War has been mentioned in chapter 7 of The Packer Cricket War by Richard Cashman and in the book The Cricket War by Gideon Haigh. Gideon Haigh believed that ‘a volatile combination of factors made the World Series Cricket almost inevitable’. Cricket had boomed in Australia during the 1970s, when a youthful and marketable Australian team full of buoyant personalities swept England aside in 1974–75 and did likewise, to West Indies in 1975–76 mentioned in his book.

He has also written in this chapter that  “The War was started because the owner of Channel 9, recognised by the mid-1970s that television sport was an attractive, high-rating, and cheap choice to counter the problems of dwindling audiences and to meet local content requirements”. 

The two main factors that caused the formation of WSC was the widespread view that players were not paid enough to make their living from cricket and the packer wished to secure the exclusive broadcasting to Australian Cricket. 

After refusing by the Australian Cricket Board Packer set up his series, he started setting up things with the players like Australian captain Greg Chappel, West Indies Player Clive Lloyd, and many more. He was very much close to businesspeople John Cornell and Austin Robertson they both were in the setup of the world series. 

In World Series, Cricket most runs scored by GS Chappell he has scored 1415 runs in 26 innings with 5 century and 4 half-centuries with an average of 56.60. 

From West Indies IVA Richards in 25 innings, he has scored 1281 runs with 4 century and 4 half-centuries with an average of 55.70. 

Hence Dennis Lillie was the most wicket taker in World Series Cricket in 14 matches he took 67 Wicket with an average of 26.87 with 4 5 wicket hauls and produced 1800 runs. 

Overall, he was the main culprit for damaging the Australian cricket board in the late 19 70s. But even towards the end packer was very much in love with T20 cricket.

Before the 2005 Ashes series in England packer call over the phone to Bob Merriman and spoke  

“Get that f***** Hussey in the side, quick,” Packer said  

“Kerry,” Merriman retorted, “the selectors will pick the side.” 

“They can’t pick a bloody club team; Martyn hasn’t made a run!” 

This line was coated in the article by Danial Bretting. 

Merriman called James Sutherland and said, “Please remind Trevor Hohns that he can pick any Australian, he doesn’t have to pick from the 17.” 

“What do you mean?” Sutherland asked. “Just let him know that. “Minutes pass and Sutherland calls back with a response about the obvious player: “Bob, Mike Hussey’s on a plane now, we can’t get him in.” 

Packer like T20 Cricket when Big Bash started in 2005 packer said “This T20 cricket is no f****** good,” Packer declared. “When do I make a dollar? The batsmen change on the ground; there’s no time; there’s a small lunch break; there’s no tea break; there’s no drinks break. When do I make my f****** money? “Oh, so you don’t want it,” Merriman replied. “No, no, 50-over cricket is the thing I want.” It all ends with some magic. 

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