Why Fans are wearing earpieces in India Vs England Test Match?

With the ongoing test match between India and England, there is a small apparatus that has caught many eyes. It has come to notice that many fans have been wearing earpieces during the match. It may be mistaken with a device drawing them away from match but, it is quite the contradictory.

Do you know why they wear it? or What it is used for?

Come let’s find out…

   (Photo Credit: PicClick UK)

The rapidly growing technology in the world has provided some beneficial changes to the sports field; we can take example of sensor tools, instant replay, timing systems and RFID chips, etc. And now it is helping the fans to get more close to the game and connect to it. Through these earpieces, the fans are able to relish their favorite game undoubtedly.

When the audience is watching the match in the stadium, it is very hard for them to tell what is happening in the field, as they are sitting very far and there is a lot of noise. But these earpieces device makes it easy for them. So in actual fact, this is a miniaturized-sized form of radio set which helps the fans to tune into their local radio channel.

As we all know there is always live commentary of the matches going on in the radio channel, therefore these miniaturized radio set helps in tuning to the radio channel and listening to the live commentary and helps the fans to stick to the game and enjoy it completely. So precisely, though viewers may not be able to catch what’s going on in the field clearly but, with the help of this device, they actually get a clear understanding of the game.

(Traditional habit of listening live commentary in radio while watching the match. Photo Credit: Reddit)

Though there might be problem with signal of the radio commentary as it is not too remarkable and also its strength is not so strong but even then it is enough for the fans in helping to clear their sight and give a follow up of the game to them. These earpieces help the fan to avoid unnecessary noise in the field and allow them to concentrate on the ongoing match.

When it comes to this device, it may not be well known to many persons but really loved by the sports fans. It is not only used in cricket but also in other sports like football, Horse racing, F1, Rugby, or any other sporting event which runs live on the radio channel. It is really getting popular among the fans these days.

Nowadays, not only fans but the players too have been donning this device. They do so because as when they are in the dressing room they would be aware of the facts of what is happening in the field.

 (Spectators wearing radio earpieces during a cricket match. Photo Credit: Sound Decisions)

Along with the fans and the players, these devices are also being kept in use by the spectators. Also, the sports journalists use this wonderful device so that while they are interviewing any player or busy with their other report, they can follow up with the ongoing match and keep themselves updated.

Isn’t this device really cool? What do you think of it?…

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