England Performance review: The Three lions found struggling without their stars.

England Performance review: The Three lions found struggling without their stars.

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This England cricket squad is one full to the brim with talent, but sadly this is not the quality that has been defining them in recent times. A strong team is strong only if it is consistent. And this cannot be said for this tumultuous English side.  While they can string together a string of strong performances against weaker teams or teams in transition, once they are faced with an equally strong opponent, they tend to crumble.

Such is the case in the test series that they are currently engaged in, against India. During the start of the first Test in the five-Test series, the team had been in cruise control. Seeing them manage to push back the visitors to the edge, and the fans were hopeful of a dominant performance.

But, when all seemed to be working out, the wicket of Joe Root fell, while going strong at 64 from 108 deliveries faced. With their captain back in the stands, the tail end of the England squad did not manage to hold on for long, causing their whole charge to crumble down. The first test thus ended up resulting in a draw. This incident was a clear example of the inability of the lower order to carry forward the scoresheet in the event of an early collapse of the top order.

The two individuals whose presence was probably most missed in the English dressing room were Jofra Archer and Ben Stokes. Stokes had withdrawn from competitive cricket to prioritize his mental health, as well as rest his index finger, which had not completely healed. Jofra Archer, on the other hand, was ruled out of action for the entire year due to the recurrence of a stress fracture in his right elbow. The loss of these two dynamic individuals has been a big blow to the England squad and has left them vulnerable, without the deadly edge that has made them so formidable in recent years.

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