VAR Intervenes to Deny Juventus Opening Day Victory

With Max Allegri back at the helm, The Old Lady is looking to bounce back. After a disappointing season with Andrea Pirlo, Juventus missed out on the domestic league title after nine consecutive wins. With Cristiano Ronaldo’s future still in doubt, Allegri started without the Portuguese showstopper.

With domestic dominance back in sight, Juventus began their quest against Udinese. With the first attack of the game, Juventus announced their comeback. AS the clock barely touched the two-minute mark Dybala put visitors ahead on an opening day. Cuadrado attracts players on the right side to attract Udinese players to create space. Bentancur drops in the space to provide a cutback for the Argentinian striker who scores in an easy tap-in. 

As the game progressed Juventus started to dominate the game. Udinese hardly found any space to organize their attack or breakthrough their possession play. To mark their footprint on the game Dybala lifted the ball to find Cuadrado on a counter-attack. The Colombian used body feints leaving Nyutinck on the ground and fired a powerful shot to find the bottom left corner.    

A two-goal margin allowed Juventus breathing space quite early in the game. Within the first half, Udinese was down and out. The only possibility was The Old lady extending their lead as the fixture moved towards the second phase. For the first half, Udinese enjoyed possession in patches however, unlike Juventus they lacked sharpness in the final third.

As the second half began Udinese found their window of opportunity to make a comeback in the fixture. Szczesny made a big mess after blocking a shot from Aslan. A low driven shot that Szczesny should have held in his gloves ended up spilling in the path of Aslan. Quickly realising the opportunity Aslan took the ball away from the path of the Polish keeper who ended up crashing into Aslan. Peryeyra didn’t fail to capitalise on the opportunity presented by Juventus.

Juventus realized the threat which Udinese could carry as the momentum shifted towards their side. Juventus shifted their gear as Morata and Bentancur came close to restore the lead yet, only to be denied by the post. Fate favours the brave, Udinese were living on the edge. As the game entered its dying moments Szczesny gamble didn’t pay off and gave Udinese a present. The Polish keeper once again bluffed his line to give Deulofeu an open goal. With score back at parity Juventus gifted away a two-goal advantage to the home team.

In moments of despair, Juventus needed their star man to rescue them. A moment came in the injury time when Ronaldo took flight into the sky to meet Chiesa’s beautiful delivery and convert it into a goal. As he took off his shirt to celebrate with his teammates and fans, VAR came in to take away the moment from Cristiano and Juventus. As it stood Ronaldo was offside by a margin of an elbow. VAR gave Udinese their equalizer and took away the winning goal from Juventus. Once again VAR got surrounded by controversy after denying Ronaldo’s goal.

After a bright start, Juventus are their culprits as they failed to secure three points. Udinese will happily take away a point from this fixture. Juventus are going to face Empoli in their home stadium while Udinese is up against Venezia.      

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