Is The Hundred a Disappointment or Outperformed Expectations

The Hundred series is a controversial format of the cricket game even now. Many like it but there are just as many who don’t as well. The Hundred is a professional tournament with just 100 balls. Teams representing many major cities played in it. Some of the locations where the game was held include Leeds, Manchester, London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Nottingham, Southampton, etc. Some take the Hundred as a way for redemption for cricket’s short format tournaments in England. After all of the rights to watching the T20 cricket tournament was handed off to a single satellite broadcaster even though there are so many fans willing to watch it. The idea for the Hundred was first generated by watching the Under13 colts match. Can you believe it? Many people compare it to the T20 series but some of its rules are very different. Forget that, even the composition of the fans that visited the stadium is also different with more children present and less alcohol floating around.


One of the very first rules of this game is that the iconic toss of any cricket game need not be done on the ground at all. Upsetting for many people, right? It’s always the toss that makes me full of nail-biting tension but I am sure that my heart will understand. Who knows, it might even become my favorite later on. Other than that, each innings will only have 100 balls compared to the 120 balls in the T20 series. But this is not the most discomfiting change, that recognition solely belongs to the replacement of overs with five blocks of the total 100 balls. Super confusing right? I mean it was so hard to learn the rules of cricket in the first place and then this comes in and adds oil to the fire. But people do admit that they will get used to the new rules soon. Hopefully, I do too. Another different rule is that bowlers get to deliver two consecutive blocks of five deliveries.


By saying all that we come to the finals of the tournament. In the Women’s tournament, Oval Invincibles beat Southern Brave to win the Women’s Hundred title. The star of the game was South African seamer Marizanne Kapp who got four wickets from 18 balls while only giving out 9 runs in total. She also struck 26 out of 14 balls which won her the player of the final award. It can also not be forgotten that it was after nearly 200 years after the ground at Lord’s came into existence that the domestic women’s final was played there. In the Hundred men’s final, Southern Brave won against Birmingham Phoenix. The main contributors were Stirling, Davies, David, and finally but one of the most important Whiteley, who turbocharged them their big score. Yes, there were lots of criticisms for the delayed start of the game due to the rain and as well as the lack of communications which kept the people waiting for over 80 minutes more than the expected time of commencement, but the spectators wanted a bang and the games more than delivered it beautifully.

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