Can Salah lay claim to being amongst the Premier League Icons?

The Premier League has been the home to some of the world’s best and most prolific goal scorers over the past few decades, and this new era is no different. Amidst the dynamic change, the man who spearheaded the awakening of Liverpool was the Egyptian king himself, Mohammad Salah. His rise as one of the deadliest goal scorers in the league has been meteoric. It’s no wonder that he’s currently regarded as one of the best players in the Premier League, having won two consecutive golden boots and other trophies. Is he, however, capable of holding this status, or are such claims unfounded? Let’s find out, shall we?

Mohammed Salah:

Age- 29

Height- 175cm

Club- Liverpool

Nationality- Egyptian

Position- Forward

Preferred foot- Left

Golden Boot Award winner for year 2017/18 and 2018/19

Premier League champion for year 2019/20

Premier League Player of the Month award winner in November 2017, February 2018, March 2018

Premier league- Broke the record for most goals scored in a single season, bagging 32 goals in 38 appearances.

Salah has been a part of the prem for a long time. From his budding years at Chelsea to his meteoric rise as a devastating winger at Liverpool, he has managed to build a reputation of being one of the deadliest goal poachers in modern football.

Career Stats:

Appearances– 160

Goals– 98

The data speaks for itself. He’s carved out a name for himself as a menacing and precise attacker, but we need to go further into his influence on the games to really comprehend his significance.

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For example, Salah averages a goal every 132 minutes.

In comparison, the Chelsea legend Didier Drogba used to average a goal every 134 minutes.

United talisman Wayne Rooney clocked in at a goal every 139 minutes

To even be able to match the impact shown by a true Prem legend is a testament in itself to the evolution of the Egyptian King into a goal-scoring machine. As a winger/false cf concerned solely with putting the ball in the back of the net, these stats clearly reflect the success he has had following this playstyle. He’s used to cutting in and driving the ball into the box, and Liverpool’s entire structure has been created to make the most of his lethal ability under Klopp. For both Salah and the supporters, using Firmino as a false 9 cf who drops in deep and allows both his counterparts to unleash devastating runs has been a gift.

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But this is not the extent of his gameplay. His gameplay also encompasses the duties of a winger. As a modern era winger, he can inherit the flair and dribbling skills of the craft, and put it to good use in a direct playstyle, focused solely on getting the ball in the box. His inherent ability to sneak past defenders, push the ball forward, and tussle with defenders for possession are all put to good use.

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 Salah does not shy away from taking on the responsibilities of a goal scorer and a playmaker. The same can be seen from the stats presented below.

PlayerAssistsChances createdPass Completion %

It’s also important to note his relentless work ethic, which is a hallmark of the Liverpool School of Play. He is not a classic winger who waits for the ball to be played into his feet through pockets of space so he can dribble past the fullbacks; instead, he is not hesitant to track back and dispossess the opposition if necessary. He can also drop in deep and lead play from the center, demonstrating his skill and class daily. Let’s look at the numbers below to put his high work rate into perspective.

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Salah has been the standout player in the Premier League since he arrived at Liverpool. The English Premier League’s answer to Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappé, Robert Lewandowski, and Cristiano Ronaldo in Spain, France, Germany, and Italy. Even so, no one can deny that he belongs among the greats. Some may attribute his increased performance to his record-breaking 2017-18 season. Salah scored 44 goals in all competitions that season, including 32 in the Premier League, setting a new record for the most goals in a single 38-game season. Yet after three years, some still refer to the Egyptian as a one-season wonder. Even so, one cannot deny that he deserves his place among the greats, for whenever there is talk of the deadliest poachers the Prem has ever seen, he is always part of the conversation

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