One of the most underrated batsmen in the current cricketing scenario is Babar Azam. Having scored piles of runs and having several records by his name, he is one player who always goes under the radar of most people. One of the major reasons for this being his ineligibility to play in the IPL due to him residing from Pakistan, with Pakistani players not allowed to play in the Indian Premier League, Babar Azam has to be one of those to have suffered the most. Another reason for him not getting the limelight is the inconsistent performance of his team. Over the past few years, the performance of the Pakistani team has gone down, it’s not just about the level of cricket that has gone down there but also the questions against their management have led to the decrease in the performance of their team as a whole.

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Babar Azam has always been that sparkling light in the team, shining even when the whole team remains in darkness. He has played a crucial role in the limited success the Pakistani team has got over the past few years. Babar Azam recently overtook Virat Kohli to be the number one ODI batsman in the ICC rankings, he also holds the spot of the 2nd best batsman in the T20I format. In tests, he is the 7th ranked batsman in the ICC rankings which makes him a highly versatile player across all formats. Even though he has remained away from the limelight, he is up there with all the best batsmen in the world.

After highly inconsistent individual performances by the Pakistani players, there had been a lot of chopping and changing in the captains and finally, in November 2020, Babar Azam was appointed the new captain across all formats eyeing for a long-term reliable captain. This was one of the fate-changing moments for the Pakistan team. A huge question stands ahead of Babar Azam as to what changes he would be able to bring about in the future of Pakistan’s cricket because a captain must be the one who brings about a healthy change and a player like Babar Azam who has such great abilities to lead with an example from the front can surely bring about a change.

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 With not a lot of sample space and less experience with Babar Azam as a captain, his captaincy can’t be judged a lot however his statistics as a player speak for him. Babar Azam would look to take a role similar to what Virat Kohli holds in the Indian team. Babar Azam is already the alpha male in the team having the best individual performance and showing up each and every time and with his skills having no limits he would definitely look to change the fate of the team. His individual performance no doubt has been phenomenal however being a captain now, Babar Azam will look to take his team along with him because in the end whatsoever an individual does, team performance is what matters the most. Babar needs to find ways of bringing all the individuals together as a team and prosper together. The most important thing in doing so is leading by example. He needs to focus a lot on fitness and change the team’s mindset regarding that. Virat Kohli’s captaincy has brought about a lot of mindset changes in the Indian team, Babar Azam needs to replicate the same and bring a complete turnaround. However such vast changes take time and so the PCB will have to be patient for the results to come and if things go their way, Babar Azam can truly be the person to completely change things around.

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