What next for Kylian? PSG Star’s future in question as Real show interest

Being the prodigal son of modern-day football is not easy. Various legends, like Messi and Ronaldo, have carried this responsibility in earlier eras, and now Kylian Mbappe has taken up the mantle. The young French forward has been at the very center of insane transfer rumors for the past few seasons. Having been valued at above 180mil Euros in the transfer market, it is no surprise that he dominates the conversation whenever a club wishes to make big money moves.

Due to his monstrous talent and potential, it is not surprising that various clubs have been diligently trying to court him from the very beginning of this transfer window. Real Madrid has recently gotten ahead of the pack in terms of obtaining his signature on a contract. Mbappe has always stated that he wishes to play in front of the Santiago Bernabéu.

But Paris Saint Germain would not let him leave easily. A player who managed to inspire his nation to a world cup at the age of 18 is too invaluable an asset to lose this easily, and PSG has made it clear that if a club wishes to sign him, then they will have to empty their coffers.

This was a tweet by the brother of PSG’s owner. This is the intent with which PSG is facing all bids. They have stood firm on their stance of retaining the forward at any cost. And this desire from the Board has only gotten stronger after he proved to be the decisive asset during their recent league game against Reims.

PSG sporting director Leonardo had recently confirmed that the club had rejected a bid from Real Madrid for a whopping 160+ million Euros. To reject such a huge offer signifies that the club is intent on dictating this deal on their terms, and would not engage in any talks unless and until their demands are met. They are adamant about forcing all interested parties to submit a deal valued at above 200 million, to match the market price of Kylian. Leonardo stated that while the club was aware of Mbappe’s desire to leave, they would not allow a player to dictate transfer proceedings in any shape and form.

The transfer speculations started picking up momentum the moment PSG signed Messi from Barcelona. The arrival of an established legend such as him was bound to herald in some changes at the club. In Madrid, Kylian has already started dominating the front pages of major media outlets such as Marca, with Real being very hopeful of announcing his signing before the window closes.

Amidst all this chaos, one thing is clear. The French prodigy is one special player, the likes of which you only get to see one every generation. It is no surprise that Clubs are willing to get into bid wars with each other to secure his signature. The fact that PSG, his current club is pulling out all the stops to retain him and fend off any interest is testament to the talent and potential of this young man. It is still a major doubt whether he will get to leave or be forced to stay, but one thing is for certain; He is a talent the whole footballing world can’t take their eyes off of, and he is worth every damn penny.

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