How did Zidane and BBC dominate European football?

Winning three Champions League in a row is a dream for every football club and under Zinadine Zidane the Los Blancos made it a reality after winning three back to back Uefa Champions League in 2018.

Zidane was promoted as the manager to replace Rafa Benitez in January 2016. He had two spells as the coach of Madrid with the former one being the most successful one.

It is said the secret to Real’s success is often not in any great coaching philosophy or revolution in football tactics – think Pep Guardiola, Juergen Klopp or Marco Biesla – but in keeping the dressing-room happy. Real are known to be notoriously fickle with coaching appointments; 26 of them have come and gone since 1989 with Vicente Del Bosque and Carlo Ancelotti removed after winning La Liga and the Champions League.

Zidane buys the idea ” When we play with intensity and focus, with the quality we have, I am not worried “.

When Zidane was appointed as the head coach, many expected to see the return of “beautiful football’ Real Madrid player under Ancelotti in 2014-15.

What happened, however, was that he employed a counter-attacking system. The system depended on absorbing a wave of attack, only to follow it by a counter-attack that catches the opposition defence off-guard. It played to Real’s advantage. Pacey wingers like Ronaldo and Bale were his main keys.

Offensively, Zidane’s style play depends on width to deliver the ball into the box when the opposition is dropping deep. With world-class headers like Ronaldo, Ramos, Bale, Varane and Benzema Zidane knew that setpiece is the main strength of the team. When the opposition presses high, counterattacks are the way to go.

Defensively, the team employed a low block to defend in numbers. This allowed easy compensation for the mistakes made by either defenders or midfielders.

Casemiro had a huge role to play in his side with Modric and Kroos alongside him. Marcelo played more as a wing-back and delivered crosses effectively from the left and Carvajal did it from the right. Ramos and Varane had the best understanding at the back. Ronaldo always went into the box alongside Bale and Benzema and the diamond midfield never failed to find them. The Reserve bench was always ready and delivered every time. Isco, Asensio, Kovacic, Nacho, Lucas played a significant role in Zidane’s success.

Of course, spirits and motivation are only a fraction of the weapons a manager needs to win. Zidane may not have introduced revolutionary tactics, but he did something that proved more effective for the Royal Whites.



The ‘BBC’ trio; is one of the most important three-lettered acronyms in the history of the Real Madrid Football Club. It was the start of a show presented by the trio of Benzema- Bale- Ronaldo.

The beautiful game has seen so many trios who have created magic over their careers playing together be it Messi, Neymar, Suarez or

Xavi, Iniesta, Messi.

It all started in 2013 when the Welshman in Gareth Bale signed for Real Madrid. The signing was not only a start of things to come but no one could have ever imagined that it would be the start of domination for the Los Blancos in European Football.

Bale from the right, Cristiano from the left and Benzema as the striker upfront turned to be one of the greatest ever trios to have stepped foot on the sacred pitch.

Such was the domination from the trio that it not only gained them recognition but also won them many accolades as a unit.

The trio bond created a winning mentality for Los Blancos under Carlo Ancelotti and Zinedine Zidane, who were the managers during their time 2013-18.

They racked up a total of more than 400 goals while playing together at an average of 80 goals per season. Cristiano dominated the numbers among them but it was the positioning and understanding which helped the numbers to grow. Bale was blessed with immense pace, Benzema with the ability to finish any ball inside the box and Cristiano with his hunger to score goals and deliver in big occasions.

A teams success wholely depends on the hunger and urge to win. There may be many standout performers but in the end, it’s a team game, all eleven players need to step up on the pitch and deliver it in front of the fans. It was the combined effort of every MADRID player which led to the club’s success and made every fan chant  HALA MADRID y nada màs”

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