Is Karim Benzema the epitome of a modern Striker?

Over the last decade, football fans have been witnessing Real Madrid rewrite history by playing dominant football with their counter-attacking style especially since the year 2014.

During this phase, Cristiano Ronaldo cemented his legacy as one of the greatest footballers of all time and many offered him the bulk of the credit for Real Madrid’s success. However, success rarely has one father.


One superstar at Real Madrid that had and has always been overlooked is Karim Benzema that has regularly started for Real Madrid upfront for a decade. Despite not being the fan favourite thanks to having a player of Cristiano’s Calibre who played “left” next to him.

Karim Benzema started as an out and out striker playing for Lyon in France where the entire team was based around him. But it was at Real Madrid where his position and role changed drastically, perhaps for the best.

It was a bit odd for fans and the rest of the footballing world as Karim was the first choice striker, yet the goals didn’t come from him in immense numbers. During his initial phase one can argue, even though his goal-scoring rate dropped, Karim had developed more into a complete player.

His game style has reached new limits after the departure of Ronaldo. This new version of him helped him hold the ball more with his back to the goal, drawing defenders towards him and hence creating spaces for the wingers inside the penalty box. For the last 3 seasons, Karim has become the primary goalscorer for the Los Blancos and is certainly the epitome of a modern striker.

Despite the team having multiple injuries last season and no player upfront to support him, Karim pulled up his socks and lead the offensive organisation of the team. He scored in every crucial match and was involved in 45% of all the league goals scored by Real.

He averaged a staggering 150.1 minutes/goal having a shot accuracy of 50% and completed 42 successful dribbles. His contribution in the making of the goals is also something to be respected. Although Benzema is on the wrong side of growing age he is in no mood for stopping.


Karim Benzema is undoubtedly one of the greatest players in the history of Real Madrid. The fact that Karim has managed to score 400 career goals when his primary role was to be the link-up player between the midfield and attack for almost a decade is something commendable.

This generation has strikers like Lewandowski, Suarez, Lukaku who can destroy ur defence day in and day out. Many argue that Karim does not show up on big occasions but do not seem to realise he is also the 4th highest goalscorer in the history of UCL.

It is fair to say that Karim Benzema is a generational talent, a player that can do everything, score with both feet and head, win you big matches and the main thing is he is a team man. It is about time that fans start appreciating the legends of the game that are soon going to retire.

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