Prime De Bruyne v Prime Ozil

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De Bruyne is a genius with all the qualities any ideal midfielder might dream of possessing. He knows where the ball will land, the way it will land and the time it will take it to land.

Overall he is a confident player who always knows his next move. The big question is that does all this make him better than Mesut Ozil?

Mesut Ozil is an outstanding player who also possesses all the qualities of Kevin. The work rate, vision, agility and decision making are second to none. In recent times he did not get much game time and it affected his form. The player was unstoppable in his prime until things went south.

Is Prime Mesut Ozil better than Prime Kevin De Bruyne? Let’s find out.

Kevin and Ozil both are close in most of the statistics if we compare from their prime years. Mesut Ozil hit his prime during 2010-2013 while we can assume the last 5 years for Kevin De Bruyne.


Ozil – 66 goals + assists (0.83)

Kevin De Bruyne – 92 goals + assists (0.75)

Any player comparison is incomplete without UEFA Champions League stats. Arsenal did not see much of the Champions League but still, Mesut Ozil managed to be the 5th player with the most assists for Real Madrid.


Mesut Ozil – 17 goals + assists (0.65)

Kevin De Bruyne- 17 goals + assists (0.61)

De Bruyne Overall Career Stats

  • Apps (Subs): 521 (48)
  • Goals (P): 136 (7)
  • Assists: 146
  • Yellows: 50 (2)
  • Reds: 0
  • Min Played: 41197

Mesut Ozil Overall Career Stats

  • Apps (Subs): 651 (91)
  • Goals (P): 114 (6)
  • Assists: 167
  • Yellows: 47 (0)
  • Reds: 3
  • Min Played: 48655


The trophy cabinet of Kevin will be bigger than Mesut Ozil as he won many titles while playing in Manchester City. The player has lifted around 15 titles including 3 Premier League titles and The FA Cup. Some English Football pundits believe that Kevin is the reason behind the enormous success of Manchester City.

Mesut Ozil signed for Arsenal FC in 2013. This club is not known for winning titles in this century. Ozil still managed to win a few titles in his time at Arsenal yet he is behind from the Belgian. The player won 10 titles in his career. He won La Liga, Spanish Cup, English Super Cup, German Cup and 4 FA cup titles.

International Career

Mesut was the main man of Germany while Kevin is still the main man for Belgium. The two players are passionate about their respective countries and both of them has made many contributions for them.

The Belgium team always looks threatening but they did not win anything with Kevin De Bruyne. Despite having talent winning an international trophy is difficult for Belgium.

Germany is a country filled with many talented midfielders. It’s an achievement to even be selected for the National Team. Mesut Ozil had to work hard to get his place in the team. Germany won The World Cup in 2014 which is the most prestigious title in international football.

The contribution of Mesut for completing this feat is a big one. He won the Player Of The Year in 2014 for his contributions to the team. Ozil was the top performer in his country in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016 respectively, only Toni Kroos won it in 2014.

It is clear that Mesut Ozil wins in this category. The international career of Ozil is unmatched and very few players can break his POTY domination in Germany.


Ozil came from the Westfalia 04 Gelsenkirchen Youth Academy where he joined Schalke 04 in the year 1999. Werder Bremen were interested in the young Ozil and they signed him.

The player got a stage to show his true self and he caught the eye of Real Madrid. After enjoying good success with Madrid he moved to Arsenal in 2013, at that time he was the most expensive German player of all time.

KAA Gent Youth Academy found Kevin and he played for most of his early career for them. After 7 years Chelsea decided to sign him in 2012. It was a big move for Kevin to move into the Premier League. The player failed to perform with Chelsea and was eventually sold to Wolfsburg.

After moving to Germany he worked hard on his game and was starting to get media attention. When Manchester City made a bid on Kevin many other teams were interested in him. The player decided to join Man City and it has been his home since then.

It’s quite early to compare the Belgian to Ozil. De Bruyne is a gem of a player, no doubt, but he has a long way to go. Ozil plays as a pure No.10 whereas KDB finds his perfect spot playing as a No.8.

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