What are some of the greatest team rivalries in the history of cricket?

One thing that makes sports truly fascinating is the different competitions it presents. Sports itself is made of contentions and contests yet there are sure competitions that stand apart among the rest and catch our eyes. 

Let’s now dive into the biggest team rivalries in cricket-

1. India and Pakistan: 

Undisputedly, India and Pakistan are cricket’s two biggest rivals. Rivalry is associated with the birth of these two nations. With India achieving independence and the partition of India leading to the creation of a Muslim state, Pakistan, there began an intense competition between these two countries and that continued to cricket and thus we have the Indo – Pak rivalry.

They’ve been at it since their first test match in 1951 and have dished up some really delectable challenges. Perhaps no other cricket match gets as many viewers as an India – Pakistan match and these matches have additionally been utilized as cricket diplomacy in attempting to patch the strained relationships between the two nations. 

Additionally, Pakistan has always produced better fast bowlers & India better batsmen. So it makes for a good contest between bat & ball which is entertaining for cricket fanatics. Whenever there’s an Indo-Pak match, it’s a big event throughout the countries, where everyone ranging from kids to elder people are engrossed in the match and the media goes crazy covering the match! Especially because cricket is more than just a game and is almost a religion for both India and Pakistan. 

      Image Credits: Hindustan Times

Australia and England: Probably the game’s most seasoned competition, tracing all the way back to 1882, the England and Australia challenge is wild. The two nations likewise have an off-field history. During the eighteenth and nineteenth century, the British government sent convicts to Australia. 

The competition is named “The Ashes” after an obituary in the English paper – ‘The Sporting Times’ showed up in 1882 mocking England’s misfortune to Australia at the Oval. It was when England first lost to Australia and the obituary grieved the demise of English cricket and said that the ashes would be flown back to Australia. The following series was named as the ‘Quest to regain the Ashes’ and a little urn was introduced to the English skipper by a gathering of ladies that contained the ashes of one of the bails utilized in the Oval Test and consequently ‘The Ashes’ was born.

Cricket’s history lies blended with the Ashes and the vast majority of the unbelievable names from both the English and Australian sides like Don Bradman, W.G. Effortlessness, Herbert Sutcliffe, Shane Warne, and Wally Hammond are ones who performed well in this rivalry.

   Image Credits: Business Standard
  1. India and Australia:

The rivalry between India and Australia began in 2001 when India crushed them in a dramatic fashion coming from behind and winning the tests at Kolkata and Chennai. These are two exceptionally competitive groups and when they conflict, there will undoubtedly be firecrackers.

India has registered the largest number of wins against Australia than against any other team with 28 matches. 

Depleted India’s strength in the most recent saga is making the Border-Gavaskar Trophy shape like the Ashes. The English would be grinning in the corner. Britain depended on India to mellow Australia before the Ashes year, and India has conveyed.

Mutual fearlessness creates symmetry in relationships. There was a time when Australia walloped India in cricket. It took India 31 years to earn its first Test match victory on Australian soil during the India tour of Australia. This moment was indeed a proud one for the Indian National Cricket team. 

      Image Credits: India Today

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