After his fallout with Arteta, where next for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Following Aubameyang’s latest infringement of club rules, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has dismissed him as captain. It’s not the first time he’s been punished for such behaviour, as similar issues have arisen at both his current club and his previous team, Borussia Dortmund. After growing tired of Aubameyang’s antics, the German club sold him to Arsenal, which seemed to be the best outcome for the player.

Arteta will also require Aubameyang during the busy festive season. Eddie Nketiah has been playing up front for Arteta more recently, eating into Aubameyang’s minutes even before the disciplinary issue.

If Aubameyang accepts his sentence and returns, he will play a crucial role in Arsenal’s team in the coming weeks. But it’s impossible to say how the fines and current media attention have affected the player, his teammates, and his relationship with his management.

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After a lengthy ‘will he, won’t he’ contract controversy, the Gunners paid a fortune to keep hold of their then-star player, only for the player’s form and product to plummet shortly after.

Aubameyang’s Arsenal career appears to be all but ended at this stage, but the 32-year-old is sure to find a buyer.

● Newcastle United

The Magpies are in severe difficulty in the Premier League, but they have a fresh injection of Saudi Arabian cash in January to try and buy their way out.

They are likely the only Premier League club ready to match Aubameyang’s high wages, and there is little doubt they could use him.

● Inter Milan

Lautaro Martinez and Edin Dzeko have taken up the scoring shortfall in Serie A this season, scoring 18 goals between them.

They’ve had success by bringing in very seasoned players who need a new start, and Aubameyang will undoubtedly be on their radar if Arsenal decides to sell him in January.

● Barcelona

Barcelona must find a way to upgrade their squad without spending a lot of money on transfers.

Barcelona’s situation has been complicated by the loss of Sergio Aguero, who was forced to retire due to a heart problem.

Perhaps Aubameyang’s proven quality will appeal to them, especially if they can negotiate a low-cost contract to get him off Arsenal’s payroll.

● Paris Saint-Germain

The attack is the last thing on PSG’s mind. They have the most exciting front three in the world in Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, and Neymar.

But at the same time, Paris Saint-Germain aspires to win the Champions League, and they may look for ways to keep their big three fresh for the campaign.

That would imply bringing in some seasoned quality in the forward areas in the New Year, and Aubameyang fits the description.

● Juventus

Fortunately for them, there is still plenty of football to be played, and they can’t wait for January to arrive.

By far, Juventus’ most significant issue has been scoring goals. To put things in perspective, in Serie A this season, Sassuolo, Empoli, Bologna, and Verona have all comfortably outscored Juventus.

It’s clear that they require significant assistance in the last third, and Aubameyang may be the guy to supply it.

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