Tuchel left disappointed by ‘noise’ of Lukaku’s comments

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Lukaku’s comments come as Chelsea has had a shaky run of form, winning only four of their last ten Premier League games after starting the season with eight victories in ten.

Despite this, Lukaku has been a standout over the festive period, particularly after coming on as a half-time substitute against Aston Villa on St. Stephen’s Day.

The 28-year-old gave Chelsea a 2-1 lead with a 56th-minute header, then smashed his way through the opposition’s defence in injury time to win a penalty, which Jorginho converted.

In essence, Lukaku was forthright, and he has every right to express his feelings about his future, but the club and its supporters have every right to be dissatisfied and angry with the timing.

However, the remarks that flooded social media may be a little more worrisome. The way they were presented may have been unfair, but the resulting cacophony was unavoidable.

“Physically I am fine. But I’m not happy with the situation at Chelsea,” Lukaku told Sky in Italy in an interview that took place earlier in December.

“Tuchel has chosen to play with another system – I won’t give up, I’ll be professional. I am not happy with the situation but I am professional – and I can’t give up now.”

These remarks will not assist Lukaku, Tuchel, or anyone else associated with Chelsea.

Lukaku is most likely trying to inspire his team for a strong second half of the season, and it’s fair to be dissatisfied with second position in the Premier League table. Being ambitious is a good thing.

However, the statement about Tuchel changing his tactics and Lukaku basically stating, “Well, I’ll do my best but the manager isn’t playing to my strengths” isn’t very good.

  • Tuchel don’t like it

“We don’t like it.” Thomas Tuchel stated, “It brings noise that we don’t need, and it’s not beneficial.” “We don’t want to make a bigger deal out of it than it is.” It’s simple to pull lines out of context, abbreviate them, and create headlines, only to realise later that they’re not so horrible. This does not help us focus or maintain a tranquil environment.

“I don’t think he’s unhappy.” I’m the polar opposite. That’s why it’s unexpected. If there’s anything to talk about, it’ll be behind closed doors. It does not reflect his day-to-day activities. However, you must inquire of him. He’s a seasoned pro who should understand the importance of speaking out like this.”

  • Lukaku’s Inter Connection

Lukaku also revealed in the interview that he was not fully prepared to leave Inter Milan last summer and that he intends to return to the Italian giants in the future.

“I believe everything that occurred last summer was not supposed to occur in this manner…It pains me how I left Inter, how I left the club, how I connected with Inter fans because it was not the appropriate time,” Lukaku stated.

“Now is the appropriate time for me to express my feelings.” I’ve always stated that Inter is in my heart: I know I’ll be back, and I sincerely hope so. I adore Italy, and now is the time to speak up and let the world know what happened. I sincerely hope to return to Inter not at the end of my career, but when I’m still at the top of my game to win more titles with them. I apologise to Inter fans for the incorrect timing of my words: what you did for me will live on forever.”

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