5 Most Overpaid Players In The World Of Football

Neymar earns £1 million in less than two weeks. Paris Saint-Germain paid the Brazilian striker £775,477 each week, making him the world’s highest-paid footballer.

Nobody requires that kind of cash – no one – though PSG would argue that his quality and marketability justify such a large investment.

Every week, players like Neymar, Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo earn absurdly high sums of money, yet they justify their compensation with match-winning performances.

Other footballers around the world, on the other hand, are currently earning a fortune each week but failing to deliver regularly on the field.

Others make occasional deliveries yet are nevertheless paid more than they deserve.

  • Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba’s performance for Manchester United does not deserve his £290,000-per-week salary.

The Frenchman is a fantastically talented midfielder who helped his side win the World Cup in Russia. However, and this is a major though, he only performs when he feels like it. Since his return to Old Trafford from Juventus, he has failed to show up or made a series of blunders.

A weekly remuneration of £150,000-£200,000 would be a more accurate reflection of what he delivers to Manchester United.

  • Isco

In 2013, he was signed by Los Blancos for €30 million. Zinedine Zidane found parallels between the playmaker and himself during his time as Real Madrid manager. But there was always the feeling that there was more to come. His next-level breakout season, on the other hand, never came.

In 29 games last season, Isco didn’t score a single goal and only added a couple of assists. So far this season, he has one goal and zero assists in seven appearances under Carlo Ancelotti.

That is not the type of performance one would expect from a midfielder earning more than £200 per week.

  • Kepa Arrizabalaga

With Thibaut Courtois going for Real Madrid on short notice, the Blues intended to replace him with a reliable and capable goalkeeper. As a result, they paid a club-record £72 million for the former Athletic Bilbao goalkeeper in 2018. Kepa, on the other hand, was far from that.

Kepa was ordinary at best under Maurizio Sarri, and while he showed promise, he wasn’t world-class. It was an entirely different storey in the 2019-20 season.

With 47 league goals conceded and only 1.7 saves per 90 minutes, Kepa has the lowest save % of any goalie in the Premier League. During that period, he made multiple blunders, forcing Frank Lampard to use Willy Caballero in the last months of the season.

  • Eden Hazard

When Eden Hazard joined Real Madrid, he was considered to be Cristiano Ronaldo’s replacement. It’s fair to say that the trade hasn’t gone well for both the team and the player so far.

Hazard left Chelsea in a tearful farewell in 2019, joining Real Madrid for £103.5 million. When he signed for Real Madrid, the Belgium international was regarded as one of the best players in the world, and he was given the number 7 jersey right away.

Hazard has made only a few appearances for Real Madrid in the last two seasons and the 30-year-old has missed a significant amount of game time because of injuries.

  • Anthony Martial

It’s worth noting that Martial is said to make more than Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah, who is currently one of the best players in the world. This season, the Egyptian has already scored 22 goals and added nine assists. The French international, on the other hand, has only one goal and zero assists so far.

Only 32 players in the world of football are thought to make more than Martial, who earns £250,000 every week. Erling Haaland, Bruno Fernandes, and Bernardo Silva, for example, are said to be paid significantly less.

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