Rahul Dravid as team India Boss, Challenges & Expectations

Despite his prominence in the cricketing world, Dravid likes to remain nameless. He squirms when he sees celebrity memorabilia, but he has formed a shaky truce with it. But cricket is still his passion, and it’s not surprising that after retiring in 2012, having cemented his place in the pantheon of batting greats, he kept his ties to the game alive, first as a commentator, then as a coach, whether in the Indian Premier League or with the junior India sides — both under-19 and ‘A’ teams.

Dravid the coach, like his playing days when he performed the domestic hard yards before making his Test debut at Lord’s in 1996, prefers to work his way up slowly. The fact that he was a former India captain didn’t matter to him, nor did the elevator greased with his batting reputation.

One step at a time would suffice, and he bided his time as director of the NCA, fine-tuning its processes and honing its regulations to ensure consistency, whether for a novice or an experienced great.

  • Rahul Dravid as Team India coach so far

In terms of results and tosses, Rahul Dravid is quickly proving to be a lucky charm for Team India. India has won seven tosses in as many matches since he came over as permanent head coach.

Rohit Sharma began his quest by winning all three tosses in the T20I series against New Zealand.

When Ajinkya Rahane captained India against New Zealand in the first Test, he won the toss. For the second match, Virat Kohli returned, and the coin eventually landed in his favour.

Kohli proved lucky in the first Test in South Africa, continuing the storey of calling it right at the toss.

KL Rahul came for the toss after the regular Test skipper was ruled out of the second Test, and he called it correctly as well, giving India a 7-for-7 record in tosses.

Dravid’s reputation as a trustworthy player has lasted almost a decade after he retired. Fans, former and present players have expressed relief and joy over his hiring as head coach. India’s dominance in the T20 series versus World Cup runners-up New Zealand earned him widespread acclaim.

Dravid, as is his wont, has avoided the talks surrounding the victory and his own role in it. He recognises that sports can be fickle and that the aura surrounding big-name coaches can be shaky. John Wright, Gary Kirsten, and Ravi Shastri have been India’s most successful coaches. The tenures of the more well-known Greg Chappell and Anil Kumble, on the other hand, were brief and marred by acrimony and controversy.

  • Challenges & Expectations

Dravid faces two big hurdles in the coming months.

One is responsible for two leaders with quite different personalities: Virat Kohli in Tests and Rohit Sharma in ODIs and T20s. This will necessitate sensitive handling because it has a significant impact on dressing room dynamics.

The second goal is to assist the squad in overcoming the psychological setback of failing to win a multi-nation competition. India’s most recent ICC victory was the Champions Trophy, which they won in 2013.

Despite a stellar record in bilateral matches, India has suffered heartbreak in the semi-finals of the 2015 and 2019 ODI World Cups, the 2017 Champions Trophy final, the inaugural World Test Championship final this year, and failure to advance to the knockout stages of the T20 World Cup.

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