How to make money in 10 minutes using your phone?

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You may be aware of the worldwide popularity of the IPL cricket match. Because it has nearly all of the world’s cricket players, and when those players are joined and distinct teams are formed, the excitement is amplified.

  • What is Dream11?

Assume you enjoy watching and participating in cricket matches. Furthermore, you are continually updated on the world of cricket, and you can earn a significant sum of money by putting together your dream 11 team. Furthermore, it is a proven fact that money can be obtained via the internet.

Previously, joining Dream 11 dream cricket given you 250 rupees; however, its Refer and Earn Program has changed; now, if you register by tapping on the Referred interface and entering its code, both of you will get Rs 100. You can play this game by putting together a dream 11 cricket side with no team.

Dream11 does not rely on Google AdWords or other ad networks to fund their operations. They merely make a profit by hosting fantasy games on their platform. Initially, they attempted Google AdSense, but they have since discontinued doing so in order to provide their users with a simple and quick user experience. Do you realise that just 10% of Dream11 players participate in paid tournaments? This is significant since converting free users to paying users is difficult and costly.

Dream11 is the first app in India to launch a private fantasy game app. It enables all three types of gaming methods for fantasy sports players to earn money.

  • How to earn money through Dream11?

Select any Match: On your home screen, you will see the matches that are taking place today and tomorrow. Choose any of the matches that are taking place, and you must have a good understanding of the players who are participating in those matches. You must first ensure that you are familiar with all of the players involved in the match before selecting it.

Create your Team: The next step is to put together your team, and this is where your knowledge of your favourite sport, cricket, will come in handy. To win and earn money from this app, you must be very selective when selecting players for your team. You must choose 11 players from the 100 credits you receive when you play the game, including batters, bowlers, wicketkeepers, and all-rounders.

Join any League or Contest: After you’ve created your squad, you’ll need to join any leagues or competitions that are currently running. The essential point here is that you must participate in any ongoing match. To enter any match or participate in any tournament, you must spend at least ten rupees. You can play and earn money no matter what age group you belong to. The team with the most points wins the competition and the prize money.

Now, after you enter a contest and begin playing, you will be awarded the prize if you win. So, you might be wondering how much profit they gain if they distribute all of the money to the winner.

Let’s say you pay a 20-rupee registration fee to play, and there are 30 teams in the competition. The total payment received is therefore 600 rupees. They now disperse 500 rupees, with the remaining 100 rupees remaining in their own. This is how they generate revenue and profit.

This is just one example; the app hosts hundreds of contests, and the corporation can profit by as much as 2-3 crores every day.

  • Fantasy Sports Industry In India

The popularity of cricket and the fan-following of the IPL, which began in 2008 and has since taken the country by storm, is largely responsible for the creation of Fantasy Sports in India. Cricket is more than just a sport in India. It’s a religion, a component of our culture, in which players are worshipped as gods and fans are worshippers.

The Indian Premier League is the most anticipated event, and it not only lives up to expectations, but goes above and beyond. So it’s no surprise that cricket, and specifically the platform ‘Dream 11,’ was the first fantasy sport to become a craze.

Since its inception in 2008, this fantasy sports application has risen by leaps and bounds, including securing the coveted title sponsorship of the IPL 2020, launching it into the major leagues. Fantasy sports has proven to be a large money game that is rapidly becoming bigger. There is both curiosity and wrath. By 2024, the industry is estimated to be worth $3.7 billion.

In the absence of a governmental regulating organisation, the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports (FIFS) is the first and only self-regulatory body that focuses on the standard of operation and protection of the interests of fantasy sports customers. FIFS hosts panel discussions on a regular basis as part of its flagship event “GamePlan,” where efforts in the fantasy sports industry is honoured.

The recent event in August 2021 highlighted the importance of developing a system of constant and constructive communication with all state governments as part of an ongoing dynamic effort to make India the global hub for fantasy sports.

Because there is such a large potential for positive economic impact, it is predicted that the government will take proactive initiatives to support the expansion of this industry in India and turn it into a Fantasy Sports powerhouse.

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