Premier League’s greatest question answered, Chelsea’s Hazard vs Liverpool’s Salah?

Stats. Records. Trophies. The most important things in the world of football. These things don’t just give a quick glimpse of a player’s career but are also used for one of the things we all love to do. What’s that? Comparing our favourites! Who doesn’t love comparing our greatest players? Be it be Buffon and Casillas, Maldini and Puyol, Ramos and Pique, Pele and Maradona, or the greatest rivalry ever, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, we all love to compare our stars and come to a conclusion about who’s the best.

A similar comparison has arisen in the Premier League ever since Mo Salah has returned to England after his scintillating stint from AS Roma. Liverpool’s living legend Mo Salah is often compared to his Chelsea counterpart Eden Hazard. Let’s dig deeper into this rivalry to determine who had a more significant impact.

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The best way to settle any discussion or debate is to present all the facts openly. We are going to do the same thing here. After all, it’s a tested and fair approach. For now, let’s look at their stats individually and then compare both the English Football Greats. Also, for clarity, we are considering only the Premier League careers of both the player.

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Name: Eden Hazard

Club: Real Madrid (previously Chelsea)

Nationality: Belgian

Position: Left-Winger

Preferred Foot: Right

Eden Hazard was the main cog for Chelsea’s double Premier League success in 2014-15 and 2016-17 seasons. Hazard was the leading creator and the scorer for the Blues. Whoever has seen Hazard play would surely describe him as one of the most beautiful performers they have seen. The Belgian has silenced countless critics with his elegance.

His mesmerizing plays coupled with inch-perfect finishing have captivated even the staunch haters into a melody they could have never escaped from. Dribbling with finesse, Hazard tries to lure the opponents towards himself, beat them, and carve his way open towards the goal. His speciality lies in executing top-tier skill moves like Marseille turn, Cruyff turn in a top speed.

Like Messi, Hazard keeps his centre of gravity low to maintain his balance and carve his way near the goal and either create or convert an opportunity into a goal. Hazard was a god-like figure in English football during his time at Stamford Bridge. Hazard possesses a wide vision and an exquisite passing sense. Hazard has rarely missed any of his passes when playing for the Londoners. Let’s look at a few of his stats.

Premier League24585547.6462
UCL and UEL5311127.567
Cup Competition33109

Enough about the Belgian bag of wonder. Let’s now move on towards the Egyptian Emperor.

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Name: Mohamed Salah

Club: Liverpool

Nationality: Egyptian

Position: Right-Winger

Preferred Foot: Left

Mohamed Salah a name that can please any Reds’ fan. Mo Salah’s story is a big ‘what-if’. One of the many mistakes of the Chelsea, Mo Salah was rejected by the London outfit and shipped to Italy. After two stellar seasons with Roma, an offer from Jurgen Klopp came calling. Choosing to return to Premier League, Salah reached heights he never even dreamed of before. 

Mo Salah was an instant hit in his debut season, making a total of 42 goal contributions. His partnership with Sadio Mane marked a rise of a new era for Liverpool. Liverpool’s conquest of an elusive Premier League title and a Champions League Trophy wasn’t possible without the Egyptian maestro’s remarkable performances.

Unlike Hazard, Salah isn’t an instinctive dribbler who controls the ball like any other part of his body. Instead, he is a technical dribbler. The difference is that Hazard dribbles to avoid pressure and trick defenders, whereas Salah dribbles to free up space for a shot or cross. Salah uses his pace and unpredictably cuts inside from the right-wing, gets in a scoring zone, looks for the space, and bam! Before you know, the ball is in the net. This slight difference in the aim of dribble makes Salah a prolific goal scorer. The numbers here prove the point.

Premier League165111427.4828
Cup Competition84

Astronomical Values for sure. Both Salah and Hazard have shown their credentials as the Premier League greats. While on the one hand, Salah scored goals at a demonic rate, on the other hand, Hazard created uncountable chances with his heavenly dribbling skills. In terms of talent and footballing sense, both the players are equally gifted. Hazard did win a galore of ‘Player Of The Match’ awards, nearly twice as much as Salah. Even in terms of an average rating, Hazard overshadows Salah. Still, when you compare the no. of matches either played, Salah doesn’t need to prove himself, as his ferocity in the box can give terrible heartaches to even the best of the managers and defences. 

After presenting all the facts, we can see Hazard and Salah both are very different from each other, their styles, their roles, their strong foot, and even their stats. But one thing is similar, both the players were of the utmost importance for their respective clubs. Their commitment and their zeal for victory made them earn their name among the very best in the sport. Who among the either is better is entirely your opinion, but a bit of advice, keep enjoying them while they are still producing magic because not all things last forever. Hazard knows.

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