Unusual Hobbies and Activities which famous footballers do in their spare time

Along with their brilliance on the pitch, some famous footballers also share unique hobbies and activities they enjoy off the pitch.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo.

Apart from being a fitness freak and one of the world’s most popular social media influencers, Cristiano Ronaldo is also a big fan of bingo. The story behind his admiration for bingo goes back to the time when he was gifted a DVD bingo game that would help him improve his English. The Portuguese superstar still finds that game exciting. Everyone likes the thrill of poker when you can afford to go to luxurious casinos.

Image Credits: pokernews.com

One football icon that loves this game is Cristiano Ronaldo. Along with these hobbies, Ronaldo also loves fishing and has also posted pictures of him fishing on his Instagram page.

2. Neymar Jr.

Neymar also shares the same hobby as Cristiano as he loves playing poker and knows the game very well. He even posted an Instagram story of himself playing poker on PokerStars. The Brazilian has also been a representative for the Red Spade tournament in the past. Since moving to PSG, Neymar has suffered multiple injuries which have kept him on the sidelines for many months. He played and streamed video games during his recovery period as his favourite pastime activity. Just like other Brazilians, Neymar also enjoys dancing to music. His passion for music and dancing is visible during his goal celebrations.

3. Lionel Messi

Whether it is playing football with his 3 children and his dog or going on a vacation with his friends and family, Lionel Messi enjoys his family time. He is shy and has an introverted personality, and doesn’t share many hobbies as other footballers but prefers playing PlayStation with his friends and family. 

Image Credits: marca.com

Along with vibing to music, he also prefers playing the guitar to disconnect himself from everything.

4. Gerard Pique

Apart from being one of the greatest defenders in the past decade, Gerard Pique is also an intelligent businessman. After completing his master’s degree in business at Harvard University, he aims to revolutionize the game of tennis with his upcoming idea. He is president of Kosmos Tennis, who now runs the Davis Cup, a tennis tournament with a “World Cup-style” format with the ITF. It’s a wonder how does he accommodate such various activities in his daily schedule.

5. David Beckham.

After his move from Madrid to Los Angeles in 2007, David Beckham embraced the Hollywood lifestyle. Beckham started hanging out with famous movie stars like Tom Cruise and Will Smith, which led to him starting fencing. According to Will Smith, “This is his (Cruise’s) way of getting together and bonding. David and I go to his home and just do fencing.” 

6. Robert Lewandowski

Currently, the best player in the world, Robert Lewandowski, is enjoying his time at the helm after two glorious years of individual excellence. Despite being 33 years old, the Polish striker isn’t showing any signs of decline but bettering his records year by year. He has put an enormous amount into growing his physique in the gym but also at home. However, he surprised everyone when he started uploading dance videos on TikTok during the pandemic. 

He enjoys and follows such trends on TikTok, which is very contrary given his personality.

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