Football Clubs and Countries, A love affair to talk about on this Valentine’s Day

Wondering about the title? Oh, it isn’t just for attraction. It’s Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air—a Day which respects some of the greatest romances. But we often believe love only occurs between two beings. That’s hypocrisy. Love occurs between any two things which are deeply connected, and when you are reading this line in The Sportsway, how can you not expect sports? Here in The Sportsway, we present you a Valentine’s Day article, which tells you the untold love story between professional Football Clubs and their major exporter of talents. So let’s dig in!

While it’s a common trend for a club of a national league to employ players of the specified national team, sometimes these top clubs often employ players from another nation and, over time, develop a good relationship and significant following in that country. This improves relations between countries and promotes the sport of Football.

For example, Take a look at Real Madrid and Brazil. To date, 26 Brazilians have played for Los Blancos. Real Madrid has had a significant section of Brazilians making an everlasting impact in their history. Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo Nazario, Marcelo and Casemiro are a few to name. The Brazilian samba seems to be a trend in Madrid’s line-up, which is criticised as being too selective as only the best ever get to play at Santiago Bernabeu. 

If you believe the above-mentioned number is big, then Shakhtar Donetsk will surely surprise you. 40 Brazilians to date have played for the Ukrainian giants. David Neres has been the latest addition to the list.

Well, Brazil isn’t the only South-American giant. Argentina hates Brazil to its very core and would never like to lose to Samba-weavers in any sense of the competition. So, to counter Brazil’s bond, Argentina attacked Italy. What better place than the land where Maradona surprised the universe. 49 Argentines have to date conquered the starting spots in Inter Milan’s line-up.

 Enough about the Americas, onto Europe now. The unflying Dutchmen led by the great Johan Cruyff have been regulars at Catalan greats, FC Barcelona. The number ranges up to 22, with Memphis Depay being the latest addition.

Image Credits: Religion news service

Arsenal has always loved Arsene Wenger. Wenger has transformed a relatively unknown Arsenal into giants of English football. Wenger has created a historically impossible ‘Invincibles’ side in 2003-04, which haven’t lost any of their games in the league in that season. One that was led by the great leader in Patrick Vierra. Vierra wasn’t the only Frenchmen in this dynamic squad. Thierry Henry was the driving force behind it. Including Vierra and Henry, 28 Frenchmen have played for the Gunners. Credits to Wenger for this mass importation.

Image Credits: Metro

Well, this was all in the past. In modern football, Wolverhampton Wolves have a record to ponder about. 23 Portuguese have donned the yellow outfit of Wolves. Portuguese talent has been imported at such a rate that many fans troll the Wolves for being a mini Portugal line-up.

Well, this was all in this Valentine’s Day edition. Clubs and their everlasting relations with footballing nations may give us more to write about in the future. Till then, we bid adieu.

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