End of a glorious era for Chelsea! But why is Roman Abramovich selling Chelsea FC?

The news never fails to shock us. Ever since Russia invaded Ukraine, various rumours are making rounds on social media. From the death of innocent students and civilians to a trending #BoycottRussia movement which is taking Twitter by storm. Almost all of the major countries have taken a stand against Russia, but aren’t willing to go on the war against the Eurasian giant. So, they have attempted to force Russia to stop by hurting its economy. USA, UK, France, and many others have boycotted the use of Russian products and have forced Russian business tycoons to sweat buckets. This movement has also become integral as FC Barcelona, Napoli and many other clubs are actively promoting the #StopTheWar tagline. Amidst all this controversy, Russian business magnate and Chelsea FC’s owner Roman Abramovich have made headlines for speculation to sell Chelsea FC.

It all started after the Western countries tried forcing Russia to stop its act of invasion. When the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, responded that such acts won’t be entertained, the Western union collectively decided to overthrow the Russian market and force it to surrender. This caused a lot of uproars as Russia held a significant part of the global market. Many Russian businessmen came under strict scrutiny and were forced to move back to their homeland. Roman Abramovich is one among those unfortunate bunch.

Having handled Chelsea with care for 19 long years, Abramovich is finally about to say his final goodbye to Stamford Bridge. During his period as an owner, Chelsea saw tremendous growth. The 21 titles they have won including 2012 and 2021 UCL show how much Abramovich has invested in the clubs. Back in June 2003, Abramovich bought Chelsea for £140 million from Ken Bates, who later purchased Leeds United. Abramovich went on to invest tons of money to make Chelsea the formidable side that they are today. He never hesitated in sacking his managers, as he famously fired Ranieri, Mourinho, Lampard, and many others.

Abramovich has always said about his love towards the sport and how he aims to revolutionize football with the help of Chelsea. One thing to be noted is that the Russian bigshot is never shy of spending money if a quality player is on his radar. Romelu Lukaku’s acquisition from Inter for £100 million is one such example. Abramovich also went to lengths for Erling Haaland, at one stage offering £200 million, but couldn’t convince either the Norwegian or the Dortmund. It is also to be noted that Abramovich spent the entire 2011 transfer window to acquire the phenomenal Lionel Messi. It is rumoured that the Russian had fallen head over heels for the Argentine magician and was ready to offer FC Barcelona, a world-record transfer fee, which reportedly could have been much higher than PSG’s sensational bid for Neymar. Messi might have been a household name in London, if not for the involvement of Jose Mourinho and Xavi and Pep Guardiola’s request for him to stay at Catalan side.

Chelsea has witnessed a tremendous improvement in all fields ever since the Russian tycoon took over. From training grounds to corporate facilities, each of them has been improved. Abramovich is nearly present in all of Chelsea’s matches and also has a chat with players in the locker room.

A week ago, Chelsea released a notice informing that Abramovich will no longer actively take part in the club activities and would hand over the stewardship to the charitable trust. Marina Granovskaia and Petr Cech will be responsible for managing the club. Fast forward a few days later, Roman Abramovich stated that he is at a point of no return, and wishes to sell Chelsea FC for a valuation of about £2.6 billion. He also included that he will forgive the £1.5 billion he loaned to the club.

It remains to be seen if a prominent business tycoon emerges and responds to Roman Abramovich’s bold offer which is at least £400 million greater than Chelsea’s current value. Is it not possible to guess who might take up such a high offer, or will Abramovich retain Chelsea, but it is sure that players are going around with a sense of insecurity. Roman Abramovich cheered his heart out for the Londoners, and surely his successor might not be as passionate as the guy himself. War definitely destroys more than just lives. Wishing courage to everyone in Ukraine and hope that war stops as soon as possible.

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