The seven best footballers of this generation, and what will the next step in their career look like

This past decade has seen some of the greatest players of all time play in their primes. We are truly lucky to have experienced such beautiful football through them. But, now the decade has passed and most of these players are in the twilight years of their careers.

So then, what should be the next step in their respective careers? We are here to predict just that. Here are the 7 of the best football players playing right now, and what their future might look like.

Lionel Messi

Messi is undoubtedly one of the greatest of all time, perhaps even the greatest. What he has achieved in his career can only be matched by his eternal rival, Cristiano Ronaldo. It is not just the fact that he scores an insane number of goals and assists, but it is also the way he scores them that makes him such an outstanding footballer.

Messi changed clubs for the first time in his career last summer, moving to PSG reluctantly due to Barca being unable to pay his salary. And while he hasn’t exactly hit the ground running, he’s slowly starting to make up for the lost time in PSG. He will probably light up the Ligue 1 next season, and go on to fulfil his 3-year contract with the Parisian club, before likely moving to Inter Miami for a couple of seasons, and retiring with his boyhood club, Newell’s Old Boys. The World Cup this winter might speed up that list.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The most lethal and clutch player in the world of football, we cannot say enough about this man. He has broken innumerable records and is perhaps the one of, if not the greatest player ever to have played the game of football.

Ronaldo’s move to United isn’t exactly working out as he would have liked it to. Before he moved, United looked like a title-contending team. Now, they are struggling to even make the top four this season, and he had to carry them in the champions league. As of now, he has a 3-year contract with United. However, United and Ronaldo will likely part ways sooner, maybe even at the end of this season.

Ronaldo, like Messi, wants to play in the USA for a while, before finishing his career at Sporting. He will likely retire from international football after the world cup, and play for at most another 5 years before retiring, and probably trying a hand at the management job.   

Neymar Jr.

A man of the party, Neymar Jr. is the most stylish player to have played the game, perhaps only matched by the skills of Ronaldinho, whose successor he is hailed to be. After basically completing club football at Barcelona, he moved to PSG to try something on his own, which he hasn’t exactly achieved, but it hasn’t been bad either.

Neymar has indicated that this world cup will be his last. So, he might be looking to retire early. He will likely run down his PSG contract, before moving to the MLS like most prolific players in Europe are doing and will likely do. He has also expressed his desire to play for Santos once more, so that is where he will likely retire.

Robert Lewandowski

Image Credit – Bayern Strikes

Robert Lewandowski looks like he is bored with football in Germany. He has broken almost all the German scoring records and is perhaps the greatest player to play in the Bundesliga.

But he is now looking for a new challenge, and he will likely move to Spain or England this summer.

Eden Hazard

Image Credit – Planet Sport

The greatest baller of this generation of PL players, on his best days, few could play like him. He succeeded Drogba as the face of the next generation in Chelsea’s attack, and led from the front, with multiple PL titles, FA Cups, League Cups and a Europa League trophy.

But, he is far past his prime and his move to Spain has been an utter disaster. He has barely played any games due to injury, and when he does play, it is clear he hasn’t yet adapted to Spanish football. Hazard will likely move this summer, due to Ancelotti deeming him surplus. Chelsea is looking to bring him back, but are vary of his recent injury record.  

Mohammed Salah

Image Credit – Daily Express

Salah is in the prime of his prime years. He has never been better as a footballer and is likely the best player in the PL, even with Ronaldo being there. Under, Klopp, Salah has helped Liverpool to a PL title and a UCL title, making them a world-beater again.

Salah’s contract is running out. However, he looks like he will sign a new one. And it will likely be up until 2024 when Klopp will leave Liverpool.

Harry Kane

Image Credit – Sky Sports

Harry Kane is probably the greatest player ever to have never won a single trophy in his career. He produces for Spurs every year and is in contention for both the Scoring and Assists charts in the League and Europe.

Kane wants his elusive trophy. He tried everything to move last summer but couldn’t. But, with Conte unhappy with Spurs, Kane might try to move again this summer, and both the Manchester clubs will be waiting to sign him.

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