Thomas Tuchel to replace Carlo Ancelotti if Real Madrid fails to win UCL?

History is the evidence! Behind every successful team is an under-appreciated and hard-working manager. Managers are rarely praised enough if the team is performing well, but they are among the first to face criticism if the team is doing badly. Such is the working of strings of fate. Carlo Ancelotti of Real Madrid is in an exactly similar situation. While Real Madrid is doing great, he was hardly remembered, but after the humiliating defeat against Barcelona at El Clasico, Ancelotti’s reputation has suffered considerably at Madrid. Various rumours have surfaced, saying Florentino Perez isn’t impressed with the Italian’s rigid management and would love to replace him with a new generation manager. With that being the case, the name of Thomas Tuchel has risen above many others.

Thomas Tuchel has been a very popular name in English and European football nowadays. Winning a prized UEFA Champions League tournament just 4 months after being appointed as the manager of Chelsea, has shaken the entire footballing world on its feet. On top of that Tuchel has won the inaugural ‘UEFA Men’s Coach of the Year’. To couple it up with consecutive final appearances at Champions League finals with two different clubs, Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea show his competence and efficiency at the very top level of club football. This is surely a resume that will catch Florentino Perez’s cunning eye.

Tuchel is known for being innovative and simple at the same time. He is a very flexible manager, who doesn’t demand specific players or facilities and is known to make the best use of the squad he has inherited, Romelu Lukaku is an exception of course.

Carlo Ancelotti favours a rigid defence, coupled with an engine of a midfield and a pacy attack trio to finish off the things. This tactic helped Madrid to dominate the match from the very first, but the credit solely goes to the out-of-the-world performances of Karim Benzema. Benzema’s proficiency in attack and Thibaut Courtois’s reliability in the goal. Vinicius Jr.’s good form this season is due to the effect Karim Benzema has on the opposition defensive line. In matches, Benzema wasn’t available, like the El Clasico, Vinicius, and Madrid struggled to make an impact in attack, a fact which is largely neglected. But as it is a fact, it surely came under the scanner of some brilliant eyes, including Perez’s.

Tuchel on other hand has quickly risen through the ranks to become a fan favourite at Stamford Bridge. Implying innovative strategies and playing to his strengths is his forte. Tuchel has reinforced Chelsea’s defensive line ever since his arrival. The rise in the form of Antonio Rudiger and Thiago Silva is the living proof of his impact on the squad. Madrid fans would expect Tuchel to bring the same impact to Madrid’s defensive line. Ever since the departure of the captain Sergio Ramos, Madrid’s back-line looks complacent and uninspired. Even with the presence of stars like David Alaba, Eder Militao, and Nacho, Madrid is still lacking in defence, a thing that used to be their selling point a few years back. The arrival of Carlo Ancelotti hasn’t solved this problem. The ineffectiveness of revitalizing Eden Hazard and Rodrigo adds to his list of failures.

It is expected that Thomas Tuchel could be more successful in reviving the careers of these stars at Madrid. While it is still a rumour, keeping Chelsea’s bad fame and transfer ban conditions along with being under strict supervision by UK authorities might force Tuchel to find a new bench to coach at. Madrid on the other side needs just a failure to sack their La Decima-winning coach. Even though it’s a rumour, things change really quickly in football. Who knows what may happen this June?

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