Has The Premier League title race confirmed its winner or there is one last dance?

The Premier League is the most-watched football league in the world. As it has a vast fan following, fans cheer for their team till the very last match of the season. This season of the Premier League has been a rollercoaster as there have been many possibilities for the season to end and for the teams to be placed on the Table. The last year’s Champions were Manchester City and the Champions League winners were Chelsea. Each team is about to complete its 38 match mark for the season, which brings the competition to its last breath. The first four teams are eligible to qualify for the next season’s Champions League, followed by the next 2, i.e., the 5th and 6th qualify for Europa League. Lastly, the 7th team qualifies for the Conference League. The last three teams go to relegations and move to EFL Championship. 

Currently on the top of the Table is Manchester City, followed by the Reds, a.k.a, and Liverpool, and they have had close combat this season right from the start. Manchester City has won 28 games, five draws, and three losses in their 36 Premier League matches. On the other side, Liverpool has won 26 games, eight draws, and two defeats in their 36 Premier League matches. With points gained by both teams, 89 and 86 respectively, Manchester City has a lead of 3 points which might be nearly impossible to achieve. Even if the Reds can equalize the points, they still have to manage the 7-goal difference between the two giants. As we have the remaining two matches, we still see a clear winner of this year’s Premier League, Manchester City, to lift the Premier League trophy this season. Manchester City has been defeated in the semi-finals of the Champions League against Real Madrid. In contrast, Liverpool has advanced their road to the finals after defeating Villarreal in the semi-finals and will face Real Madrid on 29th May 2022 in Stade de France.

Chelsea is 3rd in the League as they are 16 points behind Liverpool and 4 points ahead of Arsenal. They have been inconsistent since the departure of Roman Abramovich. Since their last five games, they managed to pick one win, two draws, and two losses. If they lose their upcoming matches, they can lose their ticket to the Champions League as Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur will move past them and push them to Europa next season. If Chelsea can draw at least one of their two matches, they can qualify for the UCL. Also, if Arsenal wins their next matches, a total of 72 will see them through.

Arsenal has given a good fight for the 4th place in the Premier League. Their next two matches will decide their fate whether to qualify for the Champions League or step down to the Europa. They have only 1 point difference from Tottenham Spur, so they can’t rely on this lead. 

Tottenham’s recent win against Arsenal and a draw with Liverpool, with both wingers in excellent form, can be trouble for Arsenal and might snatch the 4th position in the Premier League and have a chance to qualify for the Champions League. As of now, they are comfortable with the Europa League. 

This season, Manchester United have seen a deviated form in their performance and gameplay. After sacking Ole Gunner Solkjaer and the arrival of Ralf Ragnick, they have managed to be in the 6th position in the Table. With 58 points and 1 match remaining to complete their season, they only have hopes to qualify for the Europa League. Erik ten hag has been appointed as the new manager starting next season. After United’s 4-0 defeat against Brighton, they seem to have lost their hope of winning.

West ham seems confident to end their season with a good point lead. Even though it placed 7th position in the Premier League Table, if they manage to win the next two games, United wins their last match. They both tie for 61 points, but due to goal difference, they qualify for the Europa and push back United to the Conference League. They are 3 points behind United and 5 points ahead of Wolves. 

As the bottom three teams of the Premier League face relegation and move to EFL Championship, the first two teams of the Championship qualify for Premier League, and the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th play semi-finals and finals to decide the last team that is promoted to the Premier League.

Manchester City may have a 3-point advantage, and Liverpool’s comeback seems next to impossible. Still, the thing about Premier League is that it is the most unpredictable, and each game brings lots of surprises and excitement with it. Meanwhile, Chelsea has a good position for them, but it is not secure for them. Arsenal can push them to 4th, but by 1 point, they can confirm their Champions League qualifier. Arsenal and Tottenham’s combat brings a bunch of surprise elements for the Champions League and Europa.

Image Credits: premierleague.com

If they win their last game, United then qualifies for Europa but cannot be eligible for Champions League even though Cristiano Ronaldo is in their squad. West Ham has a chance to drag United to the Conference League and boost itself in the Europa League. Will Liverpool have a comeback for City? Will Chelsea manage to be in the top 4 of the Table? Will Arsenal manage to kill the hope of the Champions League for Tottenham Hotspur? Or Will Spurs rise high and qualify themselves for the Champions League instead of the Europa League? Can United maintain their lead for the Europa League? Or Will West Ham break them further down and drag them to Conference League and make room for themselves in the Europa League?

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