Why Boubacar Kamara is an unearthed prospect for Aston Villa?


At times in the world, when everyone tends to be fast to keep up with the brisk nature of the world. Football is not different. Everyone in this sporting world tends to fall in love with offensive transitional play, building attacks, and compelling forward play. People tend to edge towards the ones who score goals, ignoring the rest of the field as if it doesn’t work. After a tremendous success in the French top-flight football in Ligue-1 uber eats and getting his 1st call up for the France national team, it has been an excellent start to the year for Boubacar Kamara .

22-year-old is a graduate of the Academy of Marseille and also a former player for the French giants Olympique de Marseille.  

He baffled everyone with his move to England.

The French youngster has joined the English club Aston Villa on a 5-year contract as a free agent. The move was made permanent when Steven Gerrard, the villa boss, presented him as the Aston Villa player, and the Frenchman agreed to the deal after facing tough competition from Atletico Madrid.

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Boubacar Kamara played an essential role in Jorge Sampaoli’s side as he was the key man in his side, which helped them in securing the 2nd spot, therefore, Champions league football next year. Also, played a massive part in progressing them to the conference league semi-finals.


Boubacar Kamara, a defensive midfielder also a part-time centre-back, has played 34 games for Marseille this season and is a versatile defensive player who can play as a Left-back, Center-midfield, and Right Midfield.

His fantastic performance has, in turn, resulted in his 1st call-up for the France national team.

Kamara is optimistic about his future as we will see him playing English top-flight football in the premier league for Aston villa. He will join the team on 1st July after his contract with Marseille expires.

Kamara finished the season with a FOTMOB rating of 7.27. His accurate passes per 90 have been 69.9%, with passing success as high as 90.6%.

The Frenchman’s defensive game has been a stand-out performance with 1.2 successful tackles per 90, with a tackle success rate of 55.9%. Also, 1.5 interceptions per 90, the total interceptions cumulated as 46.


Frenchman struggled against the team playing quick football, as he failed to cope with the pace of the game.

With a mere number of 10 blocks all over the season, counting 0.3 per 90. He is ranked as low as 81st in the Ligue-1 uber eats.

The most alarming and abysmal stat in his profile is just 1 goal all over the season in 34 games in the domestic league. The time where we praise his defensive side, his offensive side remains in the dark.

The Frenchman’s decision to join the English club has been slammed scathing by the French pundits. The pundits claiming the world champion is wrong in his villa verdict, as they claim Gerrard’s side is a second-tier team in the premier league football finishing in the bottom half.

Also, this means there will be no European football experience for him for the next 3-4 years, as this villa side has no star player other than the likes of Philippe Coutinho. The pundits claim a move to Spanish giants Atletico Madrid would have been the best possible result for him, as the style of Simeone would have been perfect for the style of play of Kamara.


Boubacar Kamara, being the sole pivot of the team, protecting the backline of 4, has been immaculate all over the season with his one-touch passing. Being a good passer on the ball, he tends to build an attack by spreading the ball to the outer flanks. 

https://twitter.com/Total_Villa/status/1528735592615321600?s=20&t=50wwCZWEow SRsBGb6xlLuQ

The Frenchman has one of the most brilliant positional plays. His awareness and movements on the ball are sensational. Kamara’s vertical positioning of getting in between the Center-backs when the full-backs are high tends to create solid long passes and results in reliable control of the tempo of the game.

He has strong legs and core strength help him to imbalance the opposition players while pressing, creating him effective and efficient in this part of the game.

His good shielding ability helps in winning tackles in and out of possession. Kamara’s solid ratio in the successful tackle depicts us that he has massively improved this season in this aspect of the game.

 His aerial success is also one of the substantial parts of his game. Sensing an aerial danger and dealing with it by taking charge is one of the good parts of his game.

Frenchman’s most subjective part of his game is his Feather-Esque first touch. This helps in him winning more fouls than committing them. The feather touch with one-two strides forward tends to attract the fouls from the opponent players.


Kamara isn’t one of the most athletic players out there. He usually struggles against quick feet players, as we saw in the match against Paris Saint-Germain. He was struggling to keep up with the pace of Kylian Mbappe, as he was outclassed by him in the game.

Another weak part of his game is his 0 participation in the progress of the opponent down the flanks, which tends to create an open space and him getting caught in the transitional switch of the diagonal ball to the other side. Also, he tends to be lethargic in getting back once caught on the ball in the middle of the pitch.

The Frenchman’s weak foot passing is abysmal. His weak foot seems off throughout the game. Creating him predictable and normal.

He isn’t a great carrier of the ball, as dribbling has always been one of the negatives of his game. He tends to win fouls with his immaculate touch and powerful a yard or two strides.

His body’s high centre of gravity makes him vulnerable to Highline. Being egregious in off-the-ball movements results in his difficulty playing in a Highline, making him a rigid and complex player.


Boubacar Kamara is a watchful protector and saviour of a team as he has the responsibility to play in the position of the sole pivot in front of the backline, making him more vulnerable to attacks.

The Frenchman is more of a facilitator of progression rather than being a progressor himself, as he tends to win possession and spread the game by controlling the tempo of the game.

Kamara tends to build slower and more patient attacks, as he lacks creativity in the offensive play and generally always spreads the balls to the flanks rather than playing through the lines.

https://twitter.com/boubaKamara_4/status/139403942102xlLuQWEow 9298181?s=20&t=50wwCZSRsBGb6

As he plays the role of the sole pivot, he remains inactive in the final third of the opponent half, with a mere 11% on the ball in the final third.  

He is confident and strong in slower pace games and against the teams playing with the strategy of low-

 Block. He tends to create attacks through long passes and spreading the play.

The few more positive attributes of his style of play are a Great tackle success ratio, total dual winning, and ball recovery in both the halves.


With a vast range of European football experience, Kamara’s odyssey in English football would be accessible at the start of the season.  

Kamara can be lethal with teams consisting of robust and well-organized defence shapes, as his ability to turn things around defensively and then create it into an offensive transitional play would be mesmerizing and a joy to watch for all the Villa supporters as well as fans all over England.  

The 22-year-old French youngster, being a good ball striker, will score a good amount of goals; as we see in English football, the CDMs tend to achieve goals from outside of the box.

He would be a massive threat to the other teams with his long-range pass and menacing long-distance shots.

It can be heaven or hell for Boubacar Kamara in England, with a call-up for the national team very near, it could turn up beautifully for him, or it can go awful for him. In the end, our audience as football fans tends to ‘formulate questions based on the answer they want to hear’. Stay tuned with the Sportsway for more player analysis. Stay Tuned with The Sportsway for more updates!

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