Brave Belgium triumph over the Poland in the UEFA Nations League!

The Nations League has been showcasing some nail-biting moments. Here is the review of the table of League A Group 3,4. The teams playing in group 3 are Italy, Hungary, Germany, and England. The teams playing in Group 4 are Belgium, Poland, Netherland, and Wales.

Germany vs England:

The first match was played in Allianz arena, Germany, between England and Germany, which resulted in a 1-1 draw. The game had been at the usual pace until Germany started attacking through wings and corners. Germany scored its first goal in the 51st minute. As Jonas Hoffman had received an elegant assist from Kimmich, he directed the ball towards the goal with power, which the keeper couldn’t stop and let it stop in the net.

In the 75th minute, Jack Grealish had played an extravagant cross to the England Captian, Harry Kane. Harry’s kick was deflected by the German goalie, Manuel Neuer. His save for Germany showed his experience on the post. In the 80th minute, England had received a penalty as Kane had been tackled inside the box. Harry Kane, taking the penalty, had keenly kicked it to the far left side of the post, giving no chance for Neuer to stop it. Harry Kane became the second-highest goal scorer for England, scoring 50 goals for the country. 

Hungary vs Italy:

The second match was played in Stadio Dino Manuzzi, Italy, between Hungary and Italy, which resulted in a win for Italy 2-1. In the 30th minute, Nicolo Barella struck the ball into the top left, which created a fantastic curve as he played the shot. This gave an early advantage for Italy. Later in the 45th minute, Politano dribbled the ball from the right wing to the keeper’s box and pushed the ball to the other wing for Lorenzo Pellegrini to play a solid tap-in, which the goalkeeper couldn’t stop.

Later in the halftime, Hungary seemed desperate for a goal. In the 61st minute, Attila Fiola had given a cross towards the centre, but it was directed towards the goal by the Italian centre-back Gianluca Mancini, as he was in the pursuit of deflecting the ball away from the goal. 

Poland vs Belgium:

The third match was played in King Baudouin Stadium, Brussels, between Poland and Belgium, which resulted in a shocking 6-1. Belgium had been attacking since the start of the match as they were defeated by Netherlands 4-1. The first goal was scored by Robert Lewandowski in the 28th minute. He confused the keeper with his first touch and struck the ball into the net.

Unfortunately, it was the only goal they could score as Belgium had become ruthless as Axel Witsel had rocketed the ball from outside the box into the net and equalized the scoreboard in the 42nd minute. In the 59th minute, Kevin de Bruyne, receiving a beautiful assist from Eden Hazard and striking the ball, was a piece of cake.

In the 66th minute, Leandro Trossard was brought to the pitch and substituted Eden Hazard. In the 73rd minute dribbling out two defenders and taking the strike from a tiny room of space, scoring into the net showcased his abilities. Scoring a corner in the 80th minute, playing a genius ball that dipped directly into the right top corner of the net. In the next three minutes, Leander Dendoncker placed a perfect long shot into the net, putting the fifth goal for Belgium. In the stoppage time, Lois Openda had cleverly chipped the ball over the body of the goalkeeper into the net. The through pass had been bravely trapped and placed in no time. 

Originally tweeted by GOAL (@goal) on June 8, 2022.

This is what happens when you make Belgium angry 😳 . Stay Tuned with The Sportsway for more updates! 

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