How is Nunez a good signing for Liverpool?


How often do the world-class coaches all over the world say that certain players deserve to get millions of pounds? Are they worth it? Another historic 100 million signing of the English Premier League as we see a chain of expensive centre forwards arriving into the English Premier League and earning millions of amounts of money.

The Uruguayan has joined the English giants Liverpool on a 6-year contract for a historic fee of 75 million-plus add-ons mounting up to 100 million. He became the most expensive signing in Liverpool’s history, surpassing the former Southampton man Virgil Van Dijk who was signed for 75 million dollars in January 2018.

Nunez has been the top scorer in Portugal’s top-flight football with 26 goals and 4 assists & 36 goals all over in the club competitions. Also, he was the player who scored in both the legs against Liverpool in the knockout stages of Champions League football.  

Liverpool sees off some serious competition from their English rivals in the form of Manchester United and Arsenal.  


Nunez is physically strong and quick. The striker has a good physique and is a hardworking athlete who has a good pace in the counter-attacks and eases his battle with the strong defenders due to his physical abilities.

As praised by the Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp he stays calm around the finish. Also, he praised his style of reacting to the goal and staying calm in adverse conditions to yield maximum results and performance of top quality.

The most effective part of Nunez is that he stays central on the field and haunts into the dangerous attack, unnoticed and unannounced, creating a hard deal to keep up with him.

One of the most common strengths of Nunez is his strong right leg and his pace. His sublime finishes from his right leg have been immaculate all over the season, and his speed in the final third is lethal.

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The positional quality on and off the ball movement is the best part of his game, as he is unpredictable and widespread in his positioning and menacingly compelling in the final third with his movements.

The link-up play has been one of the most vital points to note, as the ability to make a yard and pass a long ball or change the flank with a diagonal ball has been a plus point of his game.


Being a shotgun striker, he is equipped with limited technical skills as he is not a colourful player like every other striker. He knows his weak points, and he works on them and tries to adapt the game into his consideration so that he can perform well and not struggle with goals.  

Another weak stat in his profile is his defensive abilities, as he is not much of a fall-back player who stays in and off with the team. He tends to play as a lone striker and doesn’t recover as the team loses the ball and is lethargic in his defensive abilities. 


With a prolific profile of scoring goals, Darwin Nunez is lethal in his positional intelligence and is a tremendous asset to the team in the transitional play as his link-up play is effective in the game. 

Darwin Nunez, with a solid athletic body and versatility, can optimize different channels and flanks, which in turn helps his teammates’ actions, who sometimes score due to his glorious movements in the opponent’s half.

Klopp can shift to a 4-2-3-1 from 4-3-3 so that his team can control the tempo of the game more smoothly and Nunez’s competitive ability to play as a conventional No 9.


With Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez on the verge of their retirement, we could see another Uruguayan striker tearing up Europe’s top 5 League with his goal tally.

After the signing of Erling Haaland to Manchester city, he will face fierce competition in the form of Harry Kane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Erling Haaland, and Julian Alvarez.

A good-looking boy & a decent player who will play in the Merseyside centrally with Luis Diaz on the left and Mohamed Salah on the right. With the rumours of Sadio mane moving to Bayern Munich, Klopp’s backup options could be Diogo Jota and Roberto Firmino.

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