IPL has become richer! Who has won the IPL Media Rights?

The much-anticipated IPL media rights auction has come to an end. Winners, who won the rights for the next five-year cycle (2023-27) are revealed. There are four different packages (A-D). Media Giants bid on these packages.

The total revenue produced by the sale of these broadcast rights for 2023-2027 will be astonishing at Rs 48,390.50 crore over the next five years. Disney Star, Viacom 18 and Times internet bagged the various rights to broadcast IPL matches. 

But are you having difficulties figuring out who bought who and what each package meant? Don’t worry, The Sportsway has you covered. Scroll down to find out what happened in simple terms.

What were 4 packages on offer?

Package A – TV rights for the Indian subcontinent
Package B – Digital rights for the Indian subcontinent
Package C – Non-exclusive digital package (98 matches for a full 5-year cycle)

Season 2023 and 2024 – 18 matches (opening match+ four playoffs +13 double headers) 

For the Season 2025 and 2026 – 20 matches (Total of 84 matches to be played)

Then in the Season 2027 – 22 matches (Total 94 matches to be played)

18+18+20+20+22= 98

Package D – Overseas TV and Digital rights (5 sectors – Middle East & North Africa+US+UK+Australia+SA)


Package A (TV rights for the Indian subcontinent)

Total matches (2023-27)- 410

Base price per match – Rs 49 Cr

Winning bid per Game cost – Rs 57.5Cr

Sold to – Disney Star for Rs 23,575 Cr

Package B (Digital rights for the Indian subcontinent)

Total matches (2023-27)- 410

Base price per match – Rs 33 Cr

Winning bid per Game costs – Rs 50Cr

Sold to – Viacom 18 for Rs 20,500 Cr

Package C (Non-exclusive digital package)

Total matches (2023-27)- 98

Base price per match – Rs 16 Cr

Winning bid per Game cost – Rs 33.24 Cr

Sold to – Viacom 18 for Rs 3258 Cr

Package D (Rest of the world for Tv & Digital)

Total matches (2023-27)- 410

Base price per match – Rs 3 Cr

Sold to – Times Internet (the Middle East & North Africa and the US) and Viacom 18 (UK, Australia-NZ and South Africa) for Rs 1058 Cr (Total)

Total media rights revenue BCCI will earn in cycle 2023-2027 – Rs 48390.50 Cr


BCCI: 50% (Used for expenses associated with governing Indian cricket – shared among players, state associations, staff expenses, and so on)

Franchises: Teams equally split the 50% of the revenue. (Used to balance expenses)

Some facts on how big the IPL has become:

– In 2008, the media rights for 10 years was 8200 crore (820 Cr per year) compared with today’s 48390.50.

– When compared to any Sports broadcasting league in the world, IPL, with $12 million per match, ranks second after NFL, which costs $17 million to broadcasters. Leaving behind EPL and MLB, which costs $11 million.

– If IPL rights are compared to Government expenditure on major schemes for FY2023, BCCI Will rank 4th above the National Education Mission and the National Health Mission.

– If compared to the highest profit earning companies for the year 2021-22, IPL media rights will stand second on the list after Reliance.

– It’s even bigger than any of the big 8 mergers that happened in the year 2021. 

– The amount raised in IPL media rights is even bigger than any IPO India has ever seen.

BCCI has become the biggest Cricketing body, thanks to IPL growing bigger and bigger. Is there any other sport in India that you believe could come close to it? Stay Tuned with The Sportsway for more updates.

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