Why is Xavi interested in Bernardo Silva? How will he impact Barcelona?

The summer is really important for Barcelona to announce their arrival as the serious contenders in whatever tournament they fight for. If they get their transfers right, not only they would be threatening in La Liga, but they will also have a chance to go deep into the European top flight.

While they have been linked with players like Robert Lewandowski and Andreas Christensen, there has been a rumour about the club being seriously interested in signing Bernardo Silva from Manchester City. Whether it is in Barca’s interest to get the Portuguese or Should they look to sort other things first is a question we will answer.

First things first, no one should really expect this operation to go ahead if Barca does not sell Frenkie De Jong, which has not been ruled out, though. The Dutchman is one of the best midfielders of his generation and has a skill set which is quite rare among midfielders nowadays. He still has not lived up to his expectations during his stint at Camp Nou. This fears the club’s administration the most, as another underwhelming season would severely drop his market price, which Barca would not want to happen, given how financially critical they are.

On the other hand, Bernardo Silva is the Philosopher’s Siren at Pep’s City. He has a perfect blend of technique and quality, which makes him one of the top five players in the Premier League right now. He is at the optimal age to dominate the centre of the park, a privileged engine to run a lot of kilometres. He retains and passes, accelerates in the tight spots, and has the dribbling ability and the vision to control the game.

Defensively, he is much better than De Jong when it comes to applying pressure in the rival’s half and recollects the ball pretty often. He drops deep to dribble and drive. If he comes to Barca, not only he would not let the fans miss the presence of De Jong, but he would also add his ability to play in the line of attack with better fluidity.

Although the midfield trident of Busquets-Pedri-Bernardo would look complete and excellent, Is the midfield indeed the priority for Barca? After all, Pedri, Busquets, Gavi, Nico and Kessie would provide the depth Xavi needs in midfield for another season. If Bernardo joins the teams, the latter three would be facing a shortage in the game time, which should be avoided at all costs since both Gavi and Nico are pretty young and promising.

Xavi is not looking to play a False 9 system, as going for Lewandowski would contradict their interests. Moreover, he would also not want Bernardo to play as a right-winger since he prefers speedy, good runners for the flanks to extend the pitch. As it seems, playing as an interior is the only role Bernardo Silva has in Xavi’s Barca. Although it looks perfect on paper and would be dynamic, it still demands adjustments which must be done, while Barca has flanks to worry about, both attack and defence.

Image Credits: Mundo Deportivo

Another key-pointer would be that Frenkie de Jong has been lauded by many as a midfielder who can define a generation. While Barcelona is looking to sell the Dutchman to balance economies, Xavi has been a clear rebel in the picture. De Jong’s ability to carry the ball ranks at the top most in Europe, and nobody would want to lose such an asset. Frenkie de Jong is among the top priorities Xavi intends to retain for the upcoming season, and the El Maestro won’t be convinced that easily. Stay Tuned with The Sportsway for more updates.

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