How will Conte’s new signings help Spurs?

Antonio Conte comes with commands which guarantee things. Success might be different and short-term, but it sets the rhythm for the team he manages. Tottenham Hotspurs is a clear example. A team which was in a total mess, unbalanced and unshaped, had their tables turned as soon as Conte became a part of their mid-season. Not only did they get in the top 4 by the end of the calendar, but they also made a return to UCL after two years.

To be a severe contender in the league, Spurs are looking to reinforce their squad with some strong signings. While they have already signed the likes of Ivan Perisic and Yves Bissouma this summer, they are in serious talks with Djed Spence, Richarlison and Milan Skriniar to join them, something which usually doesn’t happen as Spurs is often one of the most passive clubs during transfer windows.

Image Credits: Tottenham News

However, this time it’s different. In order to make the squad competitive, Conte asked the signings for players he wanted- no matter their status, reputation or age. He also made it clear to Daniel Levy, the club chairperson, that the signings are essential for the project to march forward.

The signings Conte has been demanding make a lot of sense, nevertheless. 

For instance, the signing of Ivan Perisic as a free agent can be considered a masterstroke from Conte’s point of view. The Croatian’s conversion into a wingback under Conte in 2020/21 was not ordinary. His ability to take on a player, drive into free space with acceleration and deliver crosses into the box is one of the best in the world. The dynamism he would add as the left wingback in a 3-4-2-1 or 3-5-2 would be unreal.

The same can be said for Yves Bissouma. A mid-block with him on the prowl waiting for the ball to be played into midfield and then recovering possession would be something Conte would cheer, plus his top press-resistance to pass/dribble out of pressure and spring attacks in transition would be an ideal fit. Astonishingly, they got an absolute class beast at £26 million.

Players like Skriniar, Richarlison and Spence may arrive or not, but the names that are sounding for Tottenham are a symptom of channelling the project and of having coherent planning for the coach and what the team needs. While going for a player in the market, they consider everything regarding it. Research and analysis are being carried out. They are considering many aspects before signing a player, with only one aim – to make a competitive eleven with those players who know their roles and are coherent with their teammates.

Exciting times are ahead for the Lilywhites. Hope that Antonio Conte finally fills that empty, dusky, lonely cabinet of the Spurs. Stay Tuned with The Sportsway for more updates.

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