Will the politics ruin Sarfaraz Khan’s career just like Wasim Jaffer?

Sarfaraz Khan: The next Wasim Jaffer 

Having grown up with his mentor and coach, Sarfaraz Khan breathes cricket and has created history on the pitch time and again. The right-handed batsman has scaled unimaginable heights in the 2022 Ranji trophy. Ranji legend Wasim Jaffer in a recent report, called for Sarfaraz’s inclusion in the Indian test squad after the dismal performance of the team in final Ind vs Eng test. Sarfaraz has himself been likened to Jaffer by many.

Khan scored a total of 928 runs in 2019-2020 Ranji and proved his calibre again in the 2021-22 season by scoring a total of 937. The massive feat of scoring past a 900+ score had been performed twice by Jaffer. He scored a gigantic total of 1260 runs in the 2008-2009 Ranji tournament and repeated the deed a decade later in 2018-2019, showing his class by scoring a total of 1037 runs in one season. 

Image Credits: The Indian Express

Sarfaraz’s batting average is as high as 82.76 after having played 23 matches in Ranji Trophy. This places him in the leagues of Sachin Tendulkar and Australian elite batsman Don Bradman. He has played in India’s U-19 and represented different franchises in the Indian Premier League.

Showing conviction in the youngster’s batting, Wasim Jaffer has said that he feels it is imperative that the Indian test side saw some changes, and with Sarfaraz’s current form, Vihari might find it challenging to hold on to his place in the national team. While Sarfaraz’s ominous form has instilled fear in domestic cricket, Vihari didn’t perform to the level of expectations from him in the test against England in Edgbaston. He scored 20 and 11 in both the innings of the match, causing everyone to widely disapprove of his position on the team.

Sarfaraz trained under the tutelage of his father, Naushad, who made him practice exactingly and with consistency. While wearing the Mumbai jersey had been a dream of the entire family, scoring a 100 for it in the final was a feat beyond imagination. 

 A lot is likely to come off the bat of this player, and while predicting the future might be challenging, hopes and expectations remain high for him. What needs to be seen is the transformation of his game as he plays in the IPL and finds a possible place in the Indian team in the future to come. 

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