Is Fernando Alonso leaving Alpine for the big teams after 2022?

Alpine driver Fernando Alonso indicates a potential exit from Alpine F1 after the 2022 season.

Fernando Alonso made headlines last year when he announced his comeback in F1 with Alpine. The two-time world champion had a fairly decent comeback season with the team.

Alonso was repeatedly criticized for his age. However, the 40-year-old Spaniard shut all the critics with his astounding performance last year. He outscored his own teammate Esteban Ocon. This year too, he has out-qualified his teammate 6 times.

Alonso would definitely have been higher up on the driver standings, given the enormous misfortunes he had this season.

However, Alonso believes that he is still capable of fighting at the front. The 40-year-old is not satisfied with the team’s performance and wants to fight big teams in front.

What’s ahead for Fernando Alonso?

Even after an incredible performance with Alpine, the team hasn’t assured or signed him for the 2023 season yet. Renault CEO Luca de Meo has not given any promises to Fernando Alonso regarding a possible seat with Alpine going into the 2023 season.

Fernando Alonso, in his latest interview, has revealed that he is unsure of his future with the team. His current contract with Alonso ends at the end of this season.

The Spaniard said in an interview:

“It’s never a guarantee that you will stay. We have to agree on something, I think, over the break [in August]. In the next weeks or whenever, I will sit down with the team and see what are their expectations. Also, what the next step is on the project, as well. I feel happy, I feel at home in Alpine, but there is no guarantee of anything, for sure.”

Expressing his tension about the future of the team, he indicated a potential exit from Alpine.

Future of Alpine and its fight with Mercedes

Alpine is fighting vigorously in midfield this season. At the start of the season, its pace was even matching Mercedes. However, in the last 5 races, it has been off-pace in comparison to Mercedes.

The next part of the EL Plan is to catch Mercedes. However, the Spaniard explained it’s challenging for Alpine to see the Silver Arrows at the moment.

Fernando Alonso explained Alpine’s current situation and future fight with Mercedes:

“I don’t think it’s going to be that easy for us [to catch Mercedes]. They have a huge organization, and we knew that they would come back sooner or later. For us, it’s a more medium/long-term programme. It’s a matter of starting next year’s car soon enough that we don’t compromise the next project.”

The Silver Arrows have caught their pace this season and moving away from Alpine.

He further added:

“The big teams can start next year’s car and at the same time keep improving this year’s car. For other teams, this is more of a challenge.

Fernando Alonso has made clear in past that he wants to fight for the title in a competitive car. So, if he finds the prospects limited at Alpine, he might decide to move up to a more competitive team.

Alonso believes it would be better for Alpine to focus on next year’s car than to chase Mercedes this year.

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