Will Gavaskar’s tips and cricketers’ support, help Virat Kohli for a comeback?

Virat Kohli, the man who everyone thought would break the legend Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 100 centuries, is struggling with the bat for almost three years now. Everyone in the cricketing world including the fans is getting impatient to see the King of Cricket finally end his century drought. With his recent exclusion from the T20 squad for the West Indies tour, the cricketer is in the headlines once again.  

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What are Gavaskar’s tips to the out-of-form Kohli?

Recently Sunil Gavaskar gave his opinion regarding the same to India today. He said, “It goes back to the fact that his first mistake turns out to be his last. Again, just because he is not amongst the runs, there is this anxiety to play at every delivery because that is what batters feel, they have got to score. You look to play at deliveries that you otherwise won’t. But he has gotten out to good deliveries as well on this particular tour”. 

Outside off-stump deliveries have proved to be his weakness, yet again. He is often seen getting out cheaply while going for the outside off stump deliveries and edging it to the wicketkeeper or slip cordon. As the fans have become aware of his weaknesses, so have the opponents, which has now resulted in the opponents using it against Virat to send him back to the pavilion very early in the game. 

Well, the ‘Little Master’ also had some tips for Virat Kohli. Let’s see what he had to say. “If I had about 20 minutes with him, I would be able to tell him the things he might have to do. It might help him, I am not saying it will help him but it could, particularly with regards to that off-stump line. Having been an opening batter, having been troubled by that line, there are certain things that you try and do. If I get 20 minutes with him, I might be able to tell him”. If it helped, fans would want Virat to spend these 20 minutes with Sunil Gavaskar and get back in the form as soon as possible. 

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Cricketing World in support of King Kohli

After the exclusion from the T20 squad, many greats from the cricketing world came in support of Virat. “As a player myself, I know you can go through such a phase and I also know what a player goes through in such a phase. In those times, you need support. I just tweeted thinking that it will give just some support. He (Virat Kohli) is one of the best players,” said Pakistani cricketer Babar Azam during a press conference. Earlier, Babar had also shown his support through social media. 

While on the other hand, the former England cricketer took social media to voice his support for Kohli. He wrote, “Buddy, your career has had some of the best that have played the game only wish they could have done. Be proud, walk tall & enjoy life. There’s way more than just the bubble of cricket out there. You’ll be back, @virat.kohli”.  

“As I have said previously, the form can go up and down, it’s part and parcel of every cricketer’s career. Even the greatest of cricketer would have his share of ups and downs. For someone who has won so many matches for India, you need one or two innings to bounce back. That’s what I feel and I am sure all those who follow cricket will think similarly. I know there’s been discussions going on but we have to understand we have seen for years, that players go through ups and downs. But quality never goes away, we have to keep that in mind”, said Indian Cricket Team’s captain Rohit Sharma while backing the former captain Kohli. 

International cricketers who have played the sport themselves for years, have faith in the extraordinary capabilities of Virat Kohli. They believe that the currently out-of-form batsman will definitely make a comeback soon. After what he has given to the country and cricket, he deserves all the support coming his way. “Form is temporary, but class is permanent”, we wish our supremely talented batsman ends his century drought super soon. Stay tuned at TheSportsWay for more updates.

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