Why did Jos Buttler blame the cricket board for the inconsistency?

The England Vs South Africa T20 series, is set to begin on 27th July. Recently, England’s white-ball skipper, Jos Buttler, was seen being vocal about his views on the lack of training time because of the team’s busy schedule. His statement came after the deciding game of England’s ODI series against South Africa got washed out due to rain with 27.4 overs of play. Hence the series ended in a draw. The agony and the frustration got to the English white-ball skipper’s head, as he lashed out on the board.

Jos Buttler Expresses His Frustration Over The Lack Of Training Time

“I think those training days are really important for that team cohesion, the energy within the group, the fielding drills, the camaraderie around the guys without the pressure of a game. And they’re really vital to high performance. When you miss that chance as well, there is frustration. It is how it is, and that’s sort of the way this month has panned out. If we find those situations again, we just have to, I think, just find a way, even if you can’t give a hundred percent, can you give ninety percent of ninety? That’s a bit of learning”, said skipper Jos Buttler.

“It’s tough. A lot of the time around, training is when you do your best work, away from the pressures of the game, having good conversations, and having a feel for where the group is at. And not just always in game mode, preparing for guys on the day. To get the highest standard of cricket possible, you need to prepare properly. Hopefully, that’s something we can look at going forward. As a new captain, just having that time to bed in and do that work around your players and with your coaches. That’s been a frustration to be truthfully honest, it would be nice to have that time to do the work. But we don’t, so you just have to adapt and find the best way. It’s been a good challenge” Buttler also expressed his frustration regarding the same.

He also said, “I thought we didn’t have quite the same intensity we had on Friday night. And I know it’s easy to say that when you get wickets and everyone’s up and about, but I thought we didn’t quite have the same intent and energy, maybe only for the first 10 overs of that twenty overs. I thought there was a clear difference when we do have it, so just to encourage us to always try and find that as a team. Take the result out of winning or losing, to make sure we’re always competing at our best and highest intensity. In theory, it sounds easy, it is one-all and you are playing a series decider. But there’s no getting past the schedule does make that tough”. 

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Is It Justified? 

England has played a total of 21 matches in the current month. Out of which 12 were T20Is and 9 were ODIs. That justifies the frustration of the skipper. Well, England isn’t the only victim. Tight schedules, lack of breaks, and too much cricket have been the case with a few other teams as well. For the players to be in their best physical and mental health to give their best performance on the field, the appropriate amount of breaks and sufficient practice time are essential. After all, they are humans, just like us. They have families as well. Even they feel homesick. The board has to consider the load burdened on these players. Revenue isn’t greater than a player’s career.

What do you think about the tight schedules and frustration of players? Tell us your opinions in the comments below. Stay Tuned with The Sportsway for more updates.

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