Welcome to our world of football, a place where traditional sports meets the fantasy football. We cover all the latest news, transfers drama's, game tactics and everything there is in football.

Let's focus on the positive happenings of the sport and not dwell on the negative aspects.

Fantasy 11s – Dream-11, and others..

Looking for the perfect players for your perfect 11 to boost your chances of winning fantasy-11 games? You have arrived at the right destination. Get your team ready with the help of expert advice now. Here you can find the match predictions of upcoming matches and never worry about losing in fantasy games.

Match Previews and Reviews

What all points to focus on before the match? How the match was planned? What were the tactical moves made by the captain? Which player outclassed which player? How did they do that? You are just one click away from all these answers.

Cricket Blogs

Best part about cricket is that it’s not a sport which is played only on the field, so let’s enter their world to know more in detail about the off-field banters, on-field rivalries, hot topics, and much more. Read more, know more!



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